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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

heyy - 12 DAYS!!!!!!! ^^
heyy guys! i actually got on myOtaku today. have you guys ever seen an e-Card that has Rock Lee on it and is screamin "YAY! TODAY IS FRIDAY!"? i sent that to 3 of my friends. if you havent seen it go check it out. lol (sorry if im bossing you around!) nope. no new fan art to submit yet... workin on it TT.TT ehhhh... im bored. some girl on my bus today felt like she was gonna pass out. oh, by the way, 12 days till Christmas. ^^ happy happy! (lol) i really want my mom to go and buy me new manga (ok, at least take me to the bookstore so i can get it)... she had off mon-today, but now shes at work... and she said she wouldnt be... TT.TT so much for that, and so much for her doin w/e she was suppose to be doin. was playin asround w/ her cell this morning ^^ it rained over here too! we gave a fit to the teachers cuz we wanted to go outside, but luckily we didnt get in trouble!! ^^ i luv it when it rains. actually, its only snowed 2 days out here and yet... its been warm (unless somehow it managed to get below 30 degrees -_-") yeah... and i live in the USA (where else?) and it hasnt been that bad this winter... oh well. as long as the penguins dont die!! so i might as well just end it here. well, anyway, how was your day?
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