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Friday, December 8, 2006

YAAAY! (i had NO school!)
well, for one thing, i dont have any school today. yeah, not many of you commeneted on my post last night (probaly cuz i put it up at 9 something at night). my backpack is heavy for h/w and studyin i have but i think ill be fine. my b-days monday and were goin for our christmas tree sunday (i keep thinkin today is saturday,. this always happens). so, i guess ill start another poll:
1. how far are you in ALL KH games?
2. your fav snack?
3. do you want my AIM name? (jk jk)
4. i suck at art, right? ive always believed that... TT.TT
5. am i boring you? (lol)
6. whos your fav character from Naruto?
7. whats your fav music?
8. your fav band?
9. do you like J-rock?
11. do you know waht J-rock is?
12. is your b-day comin up? i wanna put up a post wishing you one
13. ok, im boring you? lets stop the questions here. my answers:
1. beat KH2, almost beat KH:CoM and half way through KH(?)
2. idk. i have many
3. thats pretty dumb answerin my own question sayin i want my own AIM name
4. yes
5. i have no possible idea
6. Hinata
7. idk
8. idk (Panic! At The Disco i guess)1
9. yes
11. who wouldnt know this answer? yes
12. mines monday :P
13. idk....
guess what, you may have not even noticed this but: I SKIPPED 10!!!!! I DIDNT ADD IN A 10. didja notice that? and be honest. i did that on purpose. ill write a post later. how was your day?

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