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Saturday, January 12, 2008

where the........?
hi everyone!! :D i'm in both a good and bad mood. first off, i know i didn't get a chance to post at all last week, and i was expecting to at least post once. from now on, its once (or more) a week that i post. last week, i was just pounded with homework, even though all i had was 2days of school >< anywayz, i wanna tnx everyone who visited me *hugs* hopefully, alot will visit me today, too! *continues*

so why am i in a bad mood? ok, here's why: first off, i didn't get a picture i was coloring in finished, and i'm on a completely different computer. TT.TT also, i've been trying to download "Ao no Requiem" by Yuiko Tsubokura (it's the Samurai Deeper Kyo theme), but i've had no luck. and it's been over a month now!!!!! i'm ao pissed!! i just spent 20+ mins on iTunes, but all it kept saying was that it wasn't there. anybody know a different site i could possibly be able to download this song!?!? rawr......!

ok, and i'm in a good mood because, well, i've been in a good mood most of the day, and i'm glad i can at least listen to Ao no Requiem everytime i go on my site ^^ also, i'm glad you guys visited me! it's a big improvement from last time :D (well, not so big but whatever)

so, to all of those who rarely visit me, see any improvement/difference with my site? i played around with it. ahahahaha~ and now zack and cloud are everywhere....óż anywayz.....

here's how my days during the week were like:
monday: it was back to school, and the start of a whole new week. the weather was quite nice, and we weren't pounded with homework ^^ (tnx God). in fact, i was outside for about 2hrs, and played some FF7. i also had pe that day, and later on at home, my arms killed me. i was amazed i could run in pe, seeing that we havn't had it in over 3wks due to having no school on monday.
tuesday: the weather was nice again. and again, i was outside. my arms continued to hurt, and my legs hurt as well. i wasn't pounded with homework and i had to study....nothing else special happened.
wednesday: repeat of the weather, and we got a new kid on the bus. its bas enough our bus is filled passed the limited compacity. where the hell do they expect us all to sit? the roof!?!?!? when we went to get the new kid, the road was all cracked, so there were never-ending bumps, a scarecrow looked like the grim reaper, and the right side of the street looked wonderful and normal, while the left side looked like halloween town o______________O imagine seeing jack skellington appear outta nowhere. that night i watched some FF7AC, which i havn't seen in quite some time.
thursday: the weather was just a little colder, but i still went outside. i watched more FF7AC that night. during the school hours, we had computer class. we were to start our own webpages about the school year. during that time, i went on to my da account just to see how everything was. and the kids in my class have no brains: i was doing all the html and all that for them. i guess i'm good at web-desiging.
fridayyesterday was a bit different. i woke up at 5:30a to the sound of thunder and flashes of lightning. the first words out of my mouth were: "yay!!!! thunder and lighting!!!!" then i fell back asleep until 6:45a. the thunderstorm went on until we reached school. it poured, thundered like crazy, and the lightning was blinding. i was wet because i didn't bother to put my hood up or take my umbrealla out. i love the rain. thunderstorm ended as school started and began as soon as school let out. weird, isn't it? almost no kids in the school had an umbrella out or had their hoods up. and the ones that did were told they were 'squares' because only "kids who have their umbrellas up are squares". i was happy it rained :D laster on in the day i playes some FF7, beat a boss, and am avancing through the game and the parts my younger brother deleted on me (rawr!) anyway, that was my week

ok, time to answer comments ^^
Angel Zakuro!!!!!! *hugs* i'm glad you like reading my posts ^^ i'm gonna comment more on yours, just didn't have too much time over the weekend. sorries! *hugs* yes, i will keep my resolution! i just didn't keep it for one week, but i'll continue to keep it ^^ aaaaaaaaah!!!!!! i saw your wp with zack and cloud!!!! i made it the bg on my comp ^^ when i change the bg on my site, i'll probaly have that as my main wp. the only reason i won't now is because everything has a 'bluesh' theme to it, and that's orange. oh, but believe me, i WILL use it! MuayThaiMexican!!!!!!! *hugs* omg! you havn't been here forever!!!! and i havn't been to your site in forever! i'm sorry! *rushes to your site* ah....yeah, i tend to write long posts. haha~! love your new years res. corn!!!!!!!!! another person who hasn't been here in forever! *hugs* i meant to go to your site on new years, but never got the chance! sorries!!! well, i'm praying i get CCFF7 and a psp!!!! so long i pay for the game, my dad says he'll help pay for the psp. yayz! :D and finally, Rinoa FF8!!! *hugs* once again, person i havn't talked to in what seems like (and probaly is) forever! i'm glad i'm not the only Zack fangirl out there. oh, i luv him so freakin much!!! *huggles Zack* i believe that his english voice over is the same guy who did his english voice over in FF7AC. actually, sometimes when i watch FF7AC, i always rewind the part Zack talks in, cause i think his voice ish one of the smexiest in the world!!!! ahahaha~! please don't start stripping if you see Zacky! i wouldn't strip, but i'd most likely have a nosebleed and would be found passed out on the ground, continuingly saying Zack's name in my unconscience state XP lol glad you luv my new bg!!! Zack, is, like you said, sexy!! *huggles Zacky some more*

ok, that's it for today. i think i just showed everyone that i have a freakin' huge crush on Zack :P lol but he is smexy. Cloud is too. i luv em both to bits ^0^ sorries! no pics today!

have a great day :D

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