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Saturday, June 30, 2007

heyy (and for Angel Zakuro.... SEPHY-KUN!!!!!!!!!!)
heyy. it's only about 9am (8:51a, actually) and i've been up so i decided to post. first off, tnxies to everyone who visited me!!!! *hugs* even more than last time! i'm so happy ^0^ (i mean, you have no idea how happy i am!!!!) and second off, i'm glad Angel Zakuro didn't come after me with Buster Sword or something (i was afraid) because i didn't put up a pic of Sephy-kun. lol. well, she didn't *hugs Angel Zakuro* and as promised, i'll put up a pic of Sephiroth. but once again, *hugs* tnx you for the comments! some of you may know that i left comments on your posts, but not all because i was really tired (otherwise, i would've updated). anywayz, to continue....

havn't had enough sleep. i think i had more sleep the night before but.... i only got, like, 6hrs. i went to bed at 1 in the morning and woke up at 7 something. some alarm or something went off, and kept me up. and i have a party!!!!!! guess i'll just have to rest in the car, right? for my friends present, i got her the first volume of Fruits Basket because when we were in school, she said she didn't have the first volume, and wouldn't get any other volumes until she had rthe first one. well, now she only has 15 more to go :P speaking of books...

...i went to the bookstore yesterday (well, obviously to get her her present) and i just had this feeling that Kingdom Hearts II volume 1 had come out, and the minute i got to the manga section....! i saw it! Kingdom Hearts II manga!!!!! i was so happy ^^ they original said it wouldn't come out until july but... i really don't care.

well, i have my younger brothers party to go to as well this week. see Ace? i have just as many parties to go to as you do. :P hm.... what to say? *thinks* well.... i never got a chance to go on the internet at all this week (and last?) because of the heat. it was so damn hot out!!! and our comp, if too much power (air conditioners, etc) is being used, my computer beeps. when it beeps, you're not really suppose to go on or it'll kick you off TT.TT so retarted, but somethings i have to live through, right? *sigh* but i wish it wasn't the comp....

also, during this week, i decided i might take requests/trade art for KH-only chibis. i've already drawn Namine for myself, and when i get it on (hoepfully) this week, it will be decided if i do the chibi requests/trade art. and no, that doesn't mean that if you tell me you want one, i won't do. i will. but, for the heads up if i say yes - which i proaly will - i need to know the following:

~what kingdom hearts character do you want as a chibi? (they can be kh/ff characters, not disney, and the ff characters MUST appear on any of the kh series)

~if the character is from all 3 kh games (cloud, squall, aerith, yuffie, etc), which version do you want? (Note!: if you don't pick a version, i will pick for you)

~what type of stuffed animal or plushie do you want it to hold? (the plushie could be you if you want, or you can have a stuffed animal (such as a tiger, penguin, etc. like, for example, i made a Namine chibi with a penguin plushie)

ok, that's really about it.... i think. hm.... well, i think i've talked about mostly everything (you know how summer can be dealt doing nothing sometimes) so, to answer all the comments:

ky (sis), i reliazed (right after i shut the comp off), that i didn't e-mail you. i'm sorry i told you i did. i think the zombies took my brain out XP lol who doesn't love Potter Puppet Pals? and i agree, i think the "Mysterious Ticking Noise" was the best. Ninja Lover, i'm happy i'm finally back too! *hugs* i'm glad you're back to, NL! my week, was boing, just like yours. lol nothing new, i guess. Angel Zakuro! tnx you for not hating me for not putting Sephy-kun in my last post! but, as promised, i'm putting him in this post (as well as an amv with him in it XD) glad you don't hate me *hugs* Ace! you're one of the sites i visited last night =D alot of people are saying they're glad i'm back! at least i know i was missed!!! glad i'm back too, Ace! oh, and tell your girlfriend "Happy Birthday" for me; didn't you say she was having a birthday party or something? i hope your other friends party goes well too. have fun at the parties ^^ Artichoke, i'm gonna submit the bunny-like character. i promise. when it's on, i'll tell you. haha, and luv your icon:
yea... a friend would lend you an umbrella in the rain...but a true friend would take yours say RUN BITCH RUN!!
lmao. eues1, those were funny videos, weren't they? honestly, Potter Puppet Pals are hilarious ^0^ Rei-syn! missed ya! *hugs* you are my Xigbar-gets-high-on-coffee-buddy XP (we should make a club outta that. lol) Stick Figures on Crack?? hm, don't think i've ever seen it. guess i'll have to go watch it now =D corn, Gackt does look like he's having a seizure, right? lol well, Gackt is just... Gackt. RSRKingdomStars! i think you're another one i visited last night. can't remember.... Gackt does dance a lil creepy.... but than again, this is a music video. who doesn't dance like they're having a seizure?? i've seen tons of videos like that XP glad tohear you're doing fine, too. and kakshi s, i say again, who doesn't like Potter Puppet Pals???? they're hilarious XD

now, i've finished all the comments, and totally forgot what i was gonna say next, so, to do as promised...
1....2.....3..... TA-DAH!!!!!

Sephy-kun for Angel Zakuro!!!! i hope you like him - the only version i liked the best was this one - a chibi! i hope you find him cute! he's the best pic i found so far!!!!!

poor little girl....


and finally, the amv

don't blame me if you have no idea what they're saying. i think they're speaking in spanish or somethin.... i dunno. i really didn't pay attention to the words, just to the scenes. (i like the song...)

how was everyone's day? hope you enjoy the amv and pics ^0^

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