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Friday, May 18, 2007

'how can anyone question Vincent Valentine's coolness?'
hihihi! *hugs* tnxies to everyone who visited my site! wow, some people who rarely visit have visited since such a long time!! (makes me happy ^^) *hugs* Artichoke, his name is Cloud, fyi (that's whos arms you were throwing me into but i'm no longer sleepy so... yeah) Angel Zakuro, i'm glad you're happy with the Sephy-kun pic *throws you into his arms* i'm sure he's the one person who's never stab his sword through you (not like Aerith... such a sad moment. but why am i talking about that now anyway??) *hugs* and to continue on with this post...

i haven't been on for 2 weeks. actually, i got on yesterday but i didn't have time to post or anything so... i agree with everyone on the whole Vincent Valentine subject. who could question his coolness? he's just so damn awesome! and yes guys, i can still draw him at home. (i can still probaly draw him at school but not with her around) and i (think i'll) say this for the final time: yes, Gackt does look like a girl. even my friends at school were like, "who the hell is she!?" and i was like "first off, it's a man" i dunno... maybe when people see pics of him for the first time they imagine it's a girl but when, for the first time, i saw a pic of him, i knew it was a guy.

*continues on* yes, i hate food that's hot (and to Ace's coment), even when it is pizza that's been sitting ther for a whole hour o.O this all brings up that my friend was on youtube and happened to see a video where they make cow into meat and (this was like 2 weeks ago) she became a vegetarian o.O what was i doing last night? i was on youtube watching potter puppet pals and all that... *starts singing to the Harry Potter and Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise*

Ron Weasly: hey guys! i found the source of the mysterious ticking noise! it's a pipe bomb!

lol, and then the place blows up and you see Voldemort. i annoyed my cousin with that song ^^ the only thing i have to say is that Hermoine has a manly voice and Ron has a girly voice XP they screwed up somewhere. ugh! forgot what i was gonna say!!!!! *thinks*

nothing much happened today - just been boring as usual - and it rained. ah! now i remember what i was gonna say! did you guys read one pf the anime mews post? they're making another FF7:AC movie - and they're adding in 2 new scenes! it's a blu-ray disc and what really gets me mad is the idea of the 2 new scenes. they could've just added that in the original AC movie, couldn't they have? grrrrrr!!!! i read that they're making this special edition one with a novel and all that in it so i plan on getting that. if it doesn't come with the 2 new scenes, i'm gonna throw something out the window! i don't think my 'rents would be happy with 3 FF7:AC disks (after the way i watch it every single day and know every single line. no, my 'rents would probakly throw the dvd player down the stairs or something o.O) anybody else pretty upset about this? i know that (i think it was) corn who commented and said they she didn't like the idea. phooey. i would probaly be happy to have 3 disks, but it looks like i have to send my friend on a hunt for it. after all, she happened to go to the store and see it. that's how i got the original (i tnx her and she hates the idea she even found it - same goes with KH - she got me into the game, and now she regrets it)

this concludes my post. how long was it anyway? i happened to start writing shorter posts. by the way, this is an e-Card i made last night. tell me watcha thing! (and it's no other than Reno and Rude) hope everyone has a great day!

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