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Saturday, March 31, 2007

somaigawd! KH3 XD
heyy. guess i haven't posted since wensday, hm? actually, i was on last night but never posted... i was talin' to my 'lil sis' for 3hrs :P but i WAS on theO... but i was too lazy to post ^^; sorry! *hugs* tnx to the 3 people who visited my site ^^ *hugs* tnxies ^0^

what to say? well, it's saturday (woot!) and i'm sorta bored... well, when i first got on theO i went to the wp sectipn for some reason and saw - gasp! - a KH3 bg!!!!!!!! i'm sorry, the Akatsuki trend is gonna have to wait; i need to make it KH3!!!! uh..... am i driving you crazy with KH3? i'm sorry!!! but.... i though this today, "it's been a whole year since KH2 came out" (call me crazy, i just messed up the whole post by mistake :P)

i'm goin' to the bookstore - i am dyin' to get that new Naruto book (as well as others). i feel like i have nothing more to say. there must be somethin'!!!!! *thinks* oh, i was gonna ask you guys these questions, but sadly, that will be at the end of this post.

uhmmmmmmm.....? i really have nothing to say. i feel so weird. must be because i wanna read this story (you guys have no idea what i'm sayin') so i think i'll go and do that. so, uh, has everyone's day? and please answer the questions. if i have more to add in, i'll add, but that's only when i can think of something...!

Questions of the Day
1) anbody who plays FF3, please (PLEASE!) tell me this: how do you shrink Refia, Luneth, Arc and Ingus with the spell Mini? everytime i shrunk one person, the other 3 would never shrink - even if i made them all learn it - how do you get all 4 to shrink?

2) my new bg? it's now KH3. and you think it's...

3) how much manga do you own? i'm just wonderin'

4) what anime/manga are you a big fan of?? (list Top 3 if you must)

5) what video game (series) are you a big fan of?? (list Top 3 if you must)

6) am i boring?

that's it. i'm done. how was everyone's day... and... how long is this post? *hugs* tnx to everyone who visits the site (and comments)!

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