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Sunday, February 18, 2007

s'kay people, listen up! i'm promising that i'm gonna start visiting sites more often when i'm on!!!! from now on, wheni update i visit everyone's site that was updated that very day and maybe even the day before that (does this make sense?) and 'specially over summer, when i can visit peoples sites EVERYDAY! but, if you update your site by the time i get off, i won't visit you. and if i'm not visiting you one day, it probaly means i haven't gotten on yet. everytime i get on the internet i update my site. so if my site isn't updated, don't expect a visit. *moves on to next subject* next subject! i just came home from the bookstore! just bought tons of manga ^^ but, i'm killing myself; i don't know which to read first!!!!! >< ah! and kh:com finally came out. 235+ pages.... it's a big book o.O so is all the other books i got. i'll probaly stay up all morning and all night to read them :P i need a life. i don't have one :P i was staring at my manga as i was gettin on the internet and i didn't reliaze the little thing that says "welcome" when you sign on. i was so asorbed by lookin at the covers of my books and skipping through many pages. temptation was killing me in the book store: i wanted to read the book badly but my mom was like "if you're gonna finish it in the store, why buy it?" so i didn't read any of them.... not a single one yet. i may read kh:com first but... how was your day? (i'm starin evidently at all the books i just bought which are piled up right next to me... temptation... temptation...)


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