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Hello and Welcome to my site Bitches ;P!!

This is me (up) You love me, I love you, simple isn't it? I'm 17 years old, yea, I'm pretty old aren't I? I'm very open minded to new ideas, I hate posers and fakes. I love my Boyfriend Chris (xoxox) and I love be to LOUD!. I love to sing and music is my second husband shhh don't tell Chris ;) lol, PM and I'll talk to you...I'm not really a house wife, but I figure I will be one someday!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pics of Meh!

Yeah, it's an old picture of me...I might leave Otaku, I don't really like Anime that much..so why stay? Hahahahahha I might just stick around to post pics and stuff.

See ya later,
-Holly xoxox

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