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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Long time no see!

It not just a year to passed, or shall I say 18 months since I hibernate in myOtaku (theOtaku was different in this one but it was its affiliate!). Anyway back to the topic, many changes had started since I had been gone for so long.

First of all, the world had talked about Michael Jackson's death last 25th of June - until now it's still there! Dedications and condolences appeared in sites and fansites, including michaeljackson.com (MJ's official site).

Another one was the change of my sites: my Freewebs and myOtaku accounts. And social networkings Friendster, mySpace, and hi5. These sites, they thought, was not changing for months - but I really tried my best to put them together for the anime themed site - maybe I should add a little kick of reality of course.

myOtaku: The left table was really missing here but how do you go to other pages? No worries, the changes of this page - the floating navigation bothers you isn't it? Just scroll it above to see what I posted here!

Freewebs changes: Additional sidebars in each pages + additional page for downloads (I was not yet finished here!). More Japanese anime kicks and everything else.

Friendster: Nothing new, except that the Cascade Stylesheet code, no its application for CSS, was not yet working, too bad for me.

MySpace: Another one to say nothing new - just changing layouts.

hi5: been hybernating, together with myOtaku and Freewebs, but it was still alive thanks to Rock You! Pets. Changing theme also, just like mySpace and recently online since the Super Pets was added to hi5 applications.

For social networkings (Friendster, mySpace, hi5): Rock You! Pets were included in these three site (the only one I wasn't register was Facebook!). I had been Super Pets owner of four pets in these three sites (2 of these belongs to miss april's Friendster, 1 each on mySpace and hi5)! Unbelievable isn't it?!

In short, these were the most difficult changes I had encountered since I register years ago.

Hope you enjoy this story, guys. Ja ne!

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