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Hi everyone! Welcome to my page! you may have seen me on other sites like youtube and fanfiction and Gaia, I make AMV's (A lot of them!), have a deviantart account where I try to improve my art and I used to write fanfiction based on the Beyblade storyline! I also have my own website where I have posted my own shitty poetry plus things like my AMV's and other fun facts! Feel free to add me as a friend and if I don't talk to you for ages it's only cause you havn't left a comment saying hello!^^ Anyway, Cheese and happiness to all! I hope you enjoy my artistic creations!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

   MyOtaku Update!
Okay so I've kind of neglected this site for a long time which is a pity cause it seems like it could be a really nice place soooo....for the next while, I'm gonna try my hand at getting a bit more active around here (Hell I could use another distraction from real life you know!XD) So Yeah, look forward to seeing some of my art posts soon enough (Don't have much fanart yet but I'm looking to draw some more and also thinking of entering this Valentines Competition as soon as I can find out what these characters look like properly!XD Until then, I shall leave you with this, one of the few out of my AMV's that hasn't had it's sound and soul taken from it by the evil corporation that is youtube!

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