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Hi y'all!

This is my new site and I hope y'all like it. Remember Im also a human like you, so be polite. Lol.

As you can see, my latest updates had been based on Final Fantasy series. I love Aerith & Cloud, Yuna & Tidus, Squall & Rinoa. Those are my fave couples in the games. Im just a fan!!!

<3 Mischia

^_^ REMEMBER sign my guestbook, tnx!

~Luv, Mischia.

Monday, January 8, 2007

I updated my site with Rinoa/Squall stuff, I love Final Fantasy series and this time it was FF 8 turn. Hope y'all like it. :D

<3 Mischia

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Sometimes when you want something and it doesn't happen, you feel like the whole world comes down or you just keep on. Im one of the persons that keep living. My boyfriends talked to me like 6 days ago and he hasn't 'till. :( I miss him so bad.. I hope he's still ok and soon here in PR is the Wise Three Kings day, I think that's the name. Lol.

Plus, Tito I hope Maricely gets better. She desevres to get well, a great sis for you and kinda like me. Heheh. Tell her to get betetr for me, I love her. :D


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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"There are certain times when your heart tells you to stop, but is almost impossible when you're in love." I just can't let go of that phrase. Agh my life is so miserable, but is shining again.. each day. Ok, in the other hand I'd been sad these past few days.. My Christmas Day was not the best, as far as I know Christmas is suppose to be a nice time with family and friends. But even if I did not got out of my house because my grandma didn't wanted, Im still happy for my bf. He had a nice time with his family and Im glad for him. But I need him so bad.. Heheh.
I don't want to cry..

Anyways, Tito thanks for being there mah bro. You're a wonderful light that helps me go through, even if some times I act a bit "crazy" by the phone, but you know me since our childhood.. Heh. I love you very much.. a brother love. Mishi must be the luckiest girl on Earth for earning your love.. Im so happy for you two. Thanks.

<3 Mischia.

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