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Hey, my name's Mimi and you are on myotaku site! I'm very fun to be around with if you don't get me PO'ed. So you are welcomed to my site and hope it pleases you. Read my posts, cuz they're funny and well, they're based on my life. Also, comment on them to let me know how you feel about them!! Much appreciated!Chiao!
~Misao & L
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

   Wanting a baby
today i got soo jealous cuz everyone is having babies and im the only one not getting pregnant. i mean, guys like me but i havent had sex with anyone. i just want a baby of my own to care for. sometimes i feel older than i usually am.
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Friday, July 6, 2007

   Red Dragon Inn
Well,I've gotten an rp job. I'm a bartender at the Red Dragon Inn. Very nice place. Never met Doze though...He's the owner of the inn, I've just met Akero though. Akero is...I'm guessing, like a manager. He bosses me around sometimes but I don't mind most of the time. I like arguing with Akero. It's fun making him mad. I hope to meet Doze, everyone in the inn just about knows him. He sounds like a very friendly person. Customers really like me. They also have manners. I love working at the Red Dragon Inn because of it. I'm glad I have this job because I'm very social and I love to know more about a person. It's like every night, I see some people and we just talk sometimes. Ah! Forgot about wio. Wio is a 5 year old kid who loves to order coffee. ^ ^ I don't know what it is but I smile whenever he orders. He's a very nice kid. I have some people who do seem to go over the top, but you meet lots of interesting people. Can't forget about Rob... He causes some little short fights once in awhile but I do care for all the people there. I treat them as close as though I really do know them. I love bartending. I owe it all to Akero. LOL He's such a grump...
~Misao & L
L: I don't work...I'm just a customer. Sometimes...a mascot...*sighs and hands out flyers in a dragon costume*

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

   InuYasha Message Board-The Beginning of a Long Journey
We all had gotten back from our trip from Puerto Rico. We, being me, my brother, parents, aunt, and cousins. It was a long day. Joey had asked me for my step-dad's laptop. He decided to leave a message on the InuYasha message board. Shortly after he found people saying things that didn't seem like messages. He got into typing with the other people. Thereafter, we didn't call it a message board, we called it a small chatroom. Joey put his name as Jimmy from Case Closed. We all loved that show, until it was canceled. The first person Jimmy met was Kitsune. She was playing with the other members on the site. From first glance, he had fallen in love with her. She greeted him, "Hey! Welcome to the message board." He would just glance at her every now and then. 'She was a fox.' -Jimmy. Shortly after Evan wanted to see what's all the commotion about with Joey and the message board. He signed in as Daemon. For his name, we had finished playing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and we had left off on Daemon's Court. By that time he was a shady character. He did not agree with his brother. I guess it just was a brotherly argument between them at the time. They had two computers at home and would argue. Evan really didn't understand the message board. A few days later I had run in the message board and signed in as Misao. Why? I wanted to create my name until I found out Misao was actually in Rurouni Kenshin. I wanted to be like her, but with a different look. I wanted to be childish. But at that time I was cold. I really didn't understand people. I met tons of wierd people on there. Some I don't exactly know. The beginning was a great time. I don't know who exactly was the first person I saw but this male had caught my attention. HBK. Heart Break Kid. Now, he was the powerful one on the message board. Evan wanted a challenge. We were all cocky on the message board. Always trying to get or make our bearings. There were some times when Jimmy and Daemon would fight whenever they saw each other on there. At that time HBK wanted to join in. I have no idea but maybe it was to separate them so they would stop. Or maybe he wanted to show them who run the site. Joey, Evan, and I all thought of it as a war. It was a war at that time. Who was the strongest. I would watch on the sidelines and learn from their skill. I did not know about fighting on the RP side. I was oblivious to this. Every time they would fight, I would study their movements and learn. From that, there came another day. On that day there was a girl on there called BlackWingedGirl. BWG. I think it was somewhere around there that HBK and Kitsune broke up. I'm guessing he cared for her or wanted to save her from Daemon because whenever Daemon would talk to her or get close, HBK wanted a fight. Daemon absolutely loved BWG. His name was Evan and her name was Erin. I basically love names that sound similar. They both had something in common. They loved the dark, vampires, blood, almost anything. She was very young. Not long after I had set my eyes on someone. Actually, someone was trying to hit on him for the longest. Her name was Chrissy. RP name, Kendra. He was Rurouni Kenshin, real name, Daniel. Not much but I was willing to take him. Me and Kendra had an argument while he sat there, trying to see who would win the fight. As it just so happend, she surrendered. More or less gave up. She was frustrated and mad. She left the room. Meanwhile Jimmy and the others brought someone from Anime-net. His name was Khriz. Signed in as Santos. Jimmy introduced him to Kendra. And so..that is the end of Part 1. (What? Can't a girl stop typing? I'm getting aches)
~Misao & L
L: I wasn't in there. I was in Death Note the entire time. Pretty awesome story though, isn't it?

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