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I love this song!!!
!Hola mis amigos! this is mirokunomiko! i luv to listen to music, punch people, anoy my enemys, make comics about me 25 stalkes and play ddr! i luv picture requests and love a challenge! so sign my gb and well be best buds(not)
and remember kids run with sicors, play with matches. dont listen to the voice in ur head and play ddr while eating pocky!****** I AM EXTRME OFF ROADER WITH MY BIKE WOOOOOOOOOOO *ahem* sry but i got a new bike and i luuv it! i also lov to rock climb...extreme sports!

ja ne (happymiroku@yahoo.com) for further questions.The WeatherPixie

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

   IM BACK..... plz dont cry.........
hey, i kno long time no see, but hey what can i say? there just arent enough hours in one day to compete with musical rehersals and school V.V
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Sunday, November 27, 2005

   THE PLUII SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alright guys, I cant really update as often here, or anywhere. that sucks. But there is hope! my b-f Matt is letting me post my comic on his site its www.freewebs.com/livcomic k? come see it some time!
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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

   Im still not ungrounded
YEah i kno i kno
Im still not ungrounded
it sux, but i should be updating soon
if it wasnt for poor broadband i could upload some of my actual piccys. >.< but they were too detailed to simplify or too big as in the size of the file. yeah but i still luv ya's!
ja ne

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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

   Heya all!!
well now that Im "semi" ungrounded I am going to post a new line of a comic^^....heres a hint. It has to do with inu's arm.
And If you want to see a specific comic with certain people in it just leave a post k? ^.* well now Im off to flirt with guys and such^^

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