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hiy people im a hyper active
phyco freak what cant you love
about that


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Saturday, November 17, 2007

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Monday, November 12, 2007


hiya ppls i is sick today i know thats sounds bad
but right now its not. cuz im not in school so yaay me! well anyway yesterday i went to splash-
lagoon with 4 of my friends it was so much fun other than the fact i kept slaming into this one
wall on one of the rides and boy did that hurt
(im still soar today)we stayed at splash lagoon
from (9:45am till 6:00pm)which was great but
eventually we got board but thats ok cuz at like
5:00 me and my friend brit decided to go to the
arcade. (even though we spent all of our money)
while we were walking around the arcade i got
board so i decide to press random buttons and
i touched this one button and next thing i know basket balls come out of the game (cuz the button
i pressed was for a basket ball game where you
try to get as many balls in the basket as you can) so we start shooting the baskets and we get
12 tickets! then angel asuka and the others come
up and they gave meh a doller so i got to play more games! well thats all ttyl

DO IT!!!!!!

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Friday, November 9, 2007


hi guys i havent been on in a veeerry long time
and im sooo sorry! well i have a story i made. so here it is. hope you like it

Moon light mist

Chapter one
“No stop! Leave me alone! !” I screamed running down the dark street. Chasing me was a dark black figure I ran as fast as I could to get away but soon It caught up with me.
I came to a dead end. The figure approached me oh so cautiously I clung to the wall shaking in fear! I could not escape it was the end. Fighting the creature would be futile so I just stood their waiting for my pitiful end. The creature put both of its arms on the wall and slowly leaned towards me. I flinched but I did not scream it would just be a waste of breath. Slowly the creature leaned closer and closer and! “Cassandra…Cassandra...Cassandra wake up its time for school!” I fell from my bead onto the floor. “It was all just a dream?” I let out I sigh of relief every thing was ok.
As quickly as I could I got changed and ran downstairs to the dinner table breakfast was already made and on the table. Today it was waffles drenched in syrup with a glass of orange juice I looked at he clock I had 20 minutes left till school started I quickly ate my food and bid mom and my little sis Becca adieu and ran out the door. Vincent my dog was in the back yard chasing squirrels I yelled good bye and went on my way. While I am at it I might as well tell you about myself my name is Cassandra Ann celestia. I am 16 years old. My father mysteriously went missing when I was just a child. In my remaining family I have my mother, little sister Becca and my dog Vincent he saved me when I was a little girl “Hey Cassandra! Over here!” Yelled a voice from behind me I turned around to see who it was. It was my beast friend Misty “hi!” I yelled back cheerfully and walked over to her in her yellow porsh “want a ride at this rate it’ll take you two whole weeks to get to school!”
“Sure.” I said and hopped in the car “hey Cassandra guess who transferred to our school?” “Who?” I asked “clay clervolts !” “Omg are you serious!? You mean my neighbor clay!?” “yupp the same one.” I have had a crush on clay clervolts since the very day he and his brother Trevor had moved in. we never really talk to each other but there is just something about him. “Come on Cassandra we’re here” oh yea I forgot to tell you about my school I go to Black bow academy the most prestigious school in the whole city. How I managed to get here is beyond me. As the name suggests all students have to wear a black bow somewhere on themselves in honor of the school. But guys can wear a black belt instead of a bow. I happily hopped out of the car and onto the side walk
That’s when I saw Him Clay clervolts walking right towards me I panicked worried he would see me. And he did oh yea he saw me he was looking straight at me and coming closer! “Oh my god Misty he’s coming this way! How do I look? Is my hair ok?” “Cassandra calm down you look fine” well I sure didn’t feel ok my heart was racing and soon he stood in front of me. “hey” said clay in a cool and very calm voice. “y-yes” I said my voice shaking. “Calm down’” Misty whispered into my ear. “Cassandra as you probably know im new to this school so the teachers told me you would give me a tour of the school” said clay in a toneless voice. I look towards Misty but she was no longer there. She had left me to be alone with Clay. “Damn Misty” I thought to myself. “Ok clay ill show you around the school.” I said in an overly perky voice. I showed him the cafeteria the classrooms and the gym. During that time I found out a little more about him. I found out his favorite color was red that he liked bats and even has a pet bat named Bracket. When I was finished showing him around we started walking to class on the way their we talked a little bit. Soon I felt something hit my ankle and I fell. Clay walked over to me and helped me up “are you ok?” he asked “I think so?” when I stood I felt pain shoot up my leg. I looked down to see what the problem was. Blood was running down my leg. Tied around my ankle was I string. And lying on the ground was about 15 needles “This is all Miranda’s doing” I thought. Oh and Miranda is my mortal enemy we’ve known each other since we were kids. When I was six she pushed me into a river and the lied about it. I turned my head towards Clay. He was staring at my bleeding leg.
“Ill be fine” I said. But Clay just kept staring at the blood. His face turned pale and he began to sweat. I could see he was clenching his lips together like when you suck on a lemon. ”are you ok” I said and reached over to him. But he jumped back and ran away from me “Wait! What’s wrong?! But Clay was long gone and I was left alone in the dark hallway.

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