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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Please someone cue the damn choir. Jeez, that was annoying. After being out all day Sunday and Monday, I wanted to post here yesterday but my computer was being an asshole. It wouldn't let me check my e-mail and it kept saying that I was typing the incorrect password for myotaku. Urgh!!! But Leigh finally came home and fixed it for me so I'm happy.
Katie and I got up early on Monday so we could be at the mall by 9:30. Why????? I have nooo idea, but I was not happy about it. We stayed there for 4 hours (AGAINST MY WILL!!) before I finally couldn't take it anymore and called Laura to come and get us. After that we started visiting my lovely family. We raided my Nana's fridge and took a nap on her new rug, sooo comfy. Then we played football at my Aunt Mary's and beat up her kids. I wanted to see my Aunt Beth but I figured her husband was home. I hate him, but not nearly as much as he hates me. Where is the love? Tomorrow my Aunt Monique is picking me up because she needs a babysitter. $20.....better than nothing. I'm spending the night there, and hopefully I'll stay there for a few days (pretty,pretty please) so I might not be back here until Friday.
On a rather funny note, I have a bruise on my arm from Katie trying to rip off my clothes at the haunted house. It's funny because it's really hard to give me a bruise. Really hard. Katie has a date on Friday to see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I can just imagine the pain her date will be in by the time it's over.

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