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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Last night was the funniest night I've had in a long, long time. At first, I was in a bad mood because I couldn't find Bianca's number and no one else had it so she didn't come with us. Then I decided to invite Katie because she wasn't doing anything else. Once we got to the fair, we had to pay $6 to park, and we each had to pay $10 to get in. Things started looking up when two girls sold us their 16 tickets for $10 when at the booth it costs $18 for 20. After walking around for a while we decided to go on the big pirate ship that swings back and forth. While we were standing in line the guy operating it was yelling at the people on the ride to scream. When it was over he told them to get off and come back when they learned how to scream. So when we got on, and sat in the best place, the back, he told us to listen to him and scream as loud as we could when he told us to. I think pretty much everyone was screaming as loud as they possibly could. And when the ride stopped, he started singing "That's the way we like it" and he started the ride again. So we were on it for about 10 minutes, which was cool. Hehe, and then we came upon a haunted house...... Katie didn't want to go in but Laura and I made her. The guy who takes your tickets only lets one group in at a time so Laura, Katie, and myself walked in to this tiny room and he shut the door behind us. Well, we couldn't really see a lot because it was pretty dark in the room, but there was a narrow hallway that went to the right. And so began "You go first" "No you go first" and "I don't wanna go first." Finally Laura said she would go first and Katie was yelling about how she didn't want to be behind us so I went last. Needless to say we were all holding on to eachother, Katie because she was scared, me because I couldn't see a damn thing. Laura was feeling along the wall, taking us through a pitch black maze of turn after turn, when suddenly the lights started flashing, decapitated heads came out of no where, and someone was screaming. It was Katie. Please understand that she wasn't just "Aahh!" screaming. It was like something out of a horror movie. She started screaming for Laura to go and pushed her into the wall ahead of us trying to make her go faster. We couldn't exactly run because we still couldn't see anything, but Laura was trying to pick up the pace because Katie was still screaming. We came upon a black light flashing on a black and white striped revolving door and Laura went through first. Katie was screaming "Where do go, where do I go, what do I do?" and I stepped in front of her to try and calm her down. It didn't work. I said "Watch me" and stepped into the door and was almost out of her sight when she started screaming "Don't leave me" and she started pulling the door back. I was being pulled back and forth because apparently Laura was on the other side pulling the door towards herself, wondering where we were. Katie was still screaming "Where do I go, where do I go" over and over again, so I grabbed her and pulled her into the door with me. I had to wrap my arms around her and vice versa because there was barely enough room in the damn thing for one of us. At least she had diminished her howling scream to a mere whimper. We took baby steps together until, after what seemed like forever, we finally came to the other side. Laura started walking and I followed behind her with Katie holding onto my zip up sweater that was barely on because she was holding it so tight. In front of us was a rickety looking bridge and once we were all on it, it started shaking. Katie began screaming again. "GO GO GO" she screamed as she pushed Laura and I all the way down and off the bridge. Once off, things started happening fast. One after another people dressed up in "scary" costumes began jumping out at us and we started, or really attempted, to run. We ended up in a dark room and Katie, still screaming, threw me into a wall. But it wasn't exactly a wall. I could tell that I had just collided with metal bars and when I looked up, a red light flashed on. There in front of me stood a guy dressed up as the grim reaper and he began yelling and dragging a machete across the bars that he was, thankfully, trapped behind. Well, I thought Katie had been screaming before, now she really sounded like someone was killing her. Laura ran out of the room screaming and I tried to follow her with Katie practically ripping off my sweater and pulling my hair screaming bloody murder. More things started jumping out of no where, but it was all a blur because Katie was screaming "GO GO GO" like her life depended on it and pushed me into Laura, who was trying to run but kept slamming into walls. As another guy in a cage appeared and started screaming, I finally saw the outside when Laura threw open a door and ran screaming, down a flight of stairs, and into people who were waiting in line to get in. Even if I had wanted to stay inside for whatever reason, I wouldn't have been able to, seeing as Katie proceeded to throw me out the door and down the stairs all the while still screaming like a banshee and tearing off my clothes. Needless to say, everyone was staring at us. Katie screamed for a few more seconds, and even when she stopped, she was visibly shaking. Laura and I were on the ground laughing so hard it hurt, and Katie just stood there shaking. It took us a while to calm down and Katie was still shaking, but not as bad as she had been. Katie said she had never been so scared in her life and Laura and I decided that on Halloween we are going to take her to the haunted houses in Salem. Muahahahaha!! I'm such a nice friend, aren't I??
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