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Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Ok, as I told Nitz, I'm all done venting. It was nice to be a drama queen for once though. Laura and I have been ok for a while now. We hang out now and then and get along pretty well. I haven't updated since Friday....wow I'm lazy. Anywhen, as you know I had to go to the football game on Friday. We lost thanks to butterfingers number 10 who doesn't know the meaning of the word receive!! Originally Katie was planning on meeting her boy toy Brian at the game and we were going to leave with him during half time and go to his house so I could sit and watch the two of them practically have sex right in front of me. I love my best friend!!! Well, as luck would have it Katie called Brian before we left to go to the game to ask where we could meet him and he informed Katie that he had gotten back together with his ex-girlfriend. Yeah, after a completely useless conversation that went on a lot longer than it should have, Katie complained to me nonstop until Lauren arrived to take us to the game. Then during the entire game she told anyone and everyone that would listen, what had happened. Blah Blah Blah. She tells everyone her business. I just said "Boo hoo poor lil you" and she stopped talking to me about it. Thank God. After the game, since we didn't have to go to Brian's and Katie didn't have to be home til 11:30 for once, I grabbed Leigh and we all went to Lauren's to hang out until then. I hadn't seen Lauren in over 7 months so it was nice to hang out with her even if Katie was there bitching the whole time. Lauren complained too, but it was about something a litte more sensible than what Katie was babbling on about. About a month ago Lauren's best friend Jess started going out with Lauren's ex boyfriend, who Lauren is still madly in love with. That's gotta hurt. I tend to agree with the whole you can't help who you like thing but, it's not always about you. Your happiness, your feelings. Don't be so selfish!!! I would never do that to a friend, even though I know they wouldn't hesitate to do it to me (KATELYN). After telling Lauren how much of an ass I think Jess is, who she is still friends with, we decided we were hungry so we ordered out. Katie still attempted to continue complaining even as we were eating until I told her to shut up and stop talking with food in her mouth. "You're making me nauseous!!" So we ate in silence except for Lauren every now and then making fun of how stupid Jessica Simpson is. Why were we watching Newlyweds again?? Upon leaving Lauren said that we need to hang out sometime, but I know we never will. That was the most eventful Friday night I've had in a while and the entire time I was longing to be in my room by myself away from all the noisy stupid obnoxious people who I'm so happy that I no longer have to see on a daily basis. Seven months was way too soon for me.
My Saturday consisted of me watching my cousin Cassie's 7 month old lil girl Stephanie. I hate when she spends the night, I'm always sleepy when she's here and she won't ever go to bed. I got tired around 3am for once, but she still wouldn't go to sleep. Laura came home at about 8 in the morning and took her from me so I could go to sleep. Why was I so tired?? .......weird.
On a lovely Sunday morning, or afternoon, at 3 I woke up to my cousin Chris jumping on my bed yelling at me to get my lazy ass out of bed so we could go to the movies. Since neither of us have our liscences, he's even worse than me seeing as he is almost 18, my mother had to drive us. I'm not 17 and he doesn't have an id so we had to settle for something pg-13......The Rundown. He loves The Rock so he laughed his ass off, I didn't think it was that bad so I smiled to make him happy. When we got back to my house we hid in my room and watched Treasure Planet since he hadn't seen it yet. Besides, I love Disney movies. After he left I went in Laura's room to see what she was up to and her Leigh and myself sat and watched Save the Last Dance, someone shoot me, and a stupid movie that was on CMT. Laura announced that she wasn't going to school the next day and that she wasn't tired and wanted to stay up all night. I figured I hadn't seen Jerry McGuire in a while and we should watch that since there wasn't anything on tv. We both fell asleep before it was over. We're such wimps.
Today, well now it's yesterday, by the time I got dressed Laura was home from taking Kayley to get her first tattoos, she just turned 18 the other day, and she wanted me to come with her to the store. While at the store she decided she wanted to highlight her hair with the do it yourself stuff that comes in a box. I found this strange because she had never dyed her hair before. Of course when we got home I had to highlight it for her. It actually came out good, surprisingly enough. We then got some subs and watched tv in her room until she went to Kayley's to spend the night. Laura can be a bitch but she's been more of a friend to me than Katie. I love Laura and would do anything for her. I beleive I proved that by almost kicking Lauren's ass last year when she started talking shit about her. The only reason we didn't end up fighting was because she stopped when I told her to shut the fuck up. I swear way too much when I'm mad. I'm surprised Lauren actually listened to me. Although, I was yelling like a psycho. I know I make Laura nervous when I get really mad. Hmmm...I don't really notice when I raise my voice. Lauren usually never lets anything die because she thinks she is so tough.....she is a lot bigger than me, and I was wearing a skirt. That fight would have been interesting. And we were at church. I don't give a damn about what anyone says about me as long as it's not true, but if you mess with any of my sisters, and even my friends, I will not hesitate to kick your ass!! It would be nice if they would do the same for me, but they wouldn't. They're all such followers. But I guess I'm enough nonconformist for all of them.

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