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Sunday, April 25, 2004

   Hmmm.... the choices...
"I'm in the mood for something cheesy. There's the Sizzling Chicken and Cheese.... or a chicken sandwich that has cheese on it. Hmmm... ok *snaps menu shut* fish and chips it is"

Hello hello helloooo!!!!! I missed you guys like CrAaAzY!!!! If my computer ever does that again I am moving into the library. As for Mexico.... 70 people traveling together is a bitch. Especially when a lot of them are afraid to fly. We were about to land at Logan Airport in Boston and were a foot above the runway when all of a sudden the plane shot back up. This guy Chuck who was a chaperone hates to fly and he was saying "Are you friggin' kidding me? What's going on? Oh my god we're gonna die." Ten minutes later the captain said that a plane hadn't left the runway soon enough so we had to go around and try again. Chuck starting mimicking the captain and said "Yes, excuse me ladies and gentlemen. We just narrowly avoided a fiery death!"

What a baby. I'd have to say that this trip to Mexico was a lot better than last years. Doing the chicken dance for these 3 little Mexican boys when I was supposed to be stuccoing was fun. They thought it was funny when I had a conversation with their next door neighbor's ducks and rooster. I can also sound like a turkey, which I demonstrated. The only downside of the trip was how much stucco I actually ended up eating. Nasty stuff. Leigh took a lot of pictures with her digital camera so I should be able to post some here. I've been pretty much sleeping since I got back. Besides last night when Katelyn made me go with her to 5 different stores so she could buy earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring to go with her prom dress. Right now I think I'm going over my aunt's house to clean. I need money!! White water rafting in July! It should be fun. I haven't been to Maine in a while. I'll go to everyone's sites when I get back later.

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