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Thursday, August 25, 2005

   Prepositions, idioms, and whatnot.
Thanks for all the advice guys. Not to worry though. For I have a plan!

Laura wants me to live with her in North Carolina so I'm getting a job to save up for the trip. I told my mother I'm getting a job, I just omitted the real reason why.

Alright, alright. I downright lied! I think I said that I'm tired of asking her for money when I need something. Which would be true if I ever asked her for money anymore. But I haven't in a long time.

All I need is my social security card and then I'll go job hunting! My mother is already trying to stall me. She lost my card so now I have to send for a new one. And now she's delaying going to the store to get paper so I can print out the form to send for a replacement.

She's probably hoping I'll change my mind, which I usually do. But I've never really had much of an incentive to get a job. Now that I do nothing and no one can stand in my way!

Something is bound to go wrong and I'm prepared to deal with whatever obstacle comes up. Whether it be Laura changing her mind, getting another roommate, moving again, or the state of North Carolina being invaded by aliens, I will persevere!

When it comes to my mother I don't think it's really necessary to put states between us, but I know that when I leave, she'll be less likely to have a heart attack if I move in with Laura.

Besides, I really miss her. Not to mention she needs to cut my hair.

The only thing worrying me is the thought of another car trip with Paco. The last time we were only in the car for seven hours, and he meowed the whole time.

It wasn't really a meow though. More like the sound a cat would make if it were being tortured to death.

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