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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

   Happy, Happy Birthday! From all of you to me! You wish it was your birthday! So you could all party!!!!!
I do so enjoy singing that around the house. It freaks everyone out because they think it's actually my birthday and they've forgotten. Muahaha!!

Guess what!!!?? Laura cut my hair!!!! 21 inches baby!! Immediately after I ran around the house dramatically shaking my head around. I'm free! I have no hair.... I'm so happy!! That's all it took to put me in a good mood. But it's not just a good mood... it's a great mood! An awesome mood!! Words can't describe how happy I am!! I even made pretty bows in my hair with garbage twisties! And on Friday Katie and I are going out. Her parents are actually going to let her drive. She said she needs to give me my valentine and birthday presents. I didn't even tell her I was going to cut my hair so she'll be surprised!! I'm going to get a job stocking at Kohls so I won't be so poor!! Yippee!!!! Hmmm... I feel as though I'm forgetting something. Did I mention I'm extremely happy? Well, I finished Girl With A Pearl Earring.... Sunday night. I really liked it. The movie is also good. Although it's a lot different. Well, not so much different in it's course of events, but more along the lines of, your view of the characters is a lot different when your watching the movie than it is when your reading the book. Mainly one character. But both are very good!!

Ugh!! It's 3 in the morning and I am bored. Bored, but oh so very happy!! My mom is taking me out to lunch on my birthday. Lobster..... YUMMY!!! After that I'm planning on walking to the beach for some alone time. And if I happen to stay there until my birthday's over... well then you could call me avoidant. But I'd be a stable avoidant so HA!! I have a feeling that this birthday will not involve a nervous break down so I'm looking on the brigt side. I feel a lot older than my soon to be 17 years and it annoys me. But I have no hair!!!! Do you know how much less shampoo I'll have to use??!! No more getting it stuck in/on everything!! No more headaches!!!! Sing with me!! "Born free!! As free as the wind blows!! As free as the grass grows!!"..... then the guy starts talking and you can't hear the words. As soon as my scanner stops hating me, it's joined forces with my stereo, I shall post before and after pictures!

I'm excessively happy and it's freakin' me out!! But who cares? I have no hair!!

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