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Thursday, July 21, 2005

   "In a world called Catastrophe my native tongue is blasphemy."
Wow! I was going through a box of movies when I came across my Animatrix dvd and I remembered that I still havenít watched it. Since I bought it online I went to the site to see when I had actually purchased it and come to find out, I bought the damn thing on 6/5/03!!! Hopefully Iíll be able to watch it tonight.

As for my Motherís birthday, everything worked out. I went to RedLobster.com to try and find a restaurant near us (haha 90 miles away!) and I found out that they deliver live lobsters! You canít imagine how excited this made me. Unfortunately they donít deliver steamers by themselves, only with the lobster dinner for two that costs $100, but lobster is her favorite anyway. Laura paid for it because I donít have a credit card so I have to mail her the money.

In the end I bought three for a little more than what I would have had to pay for one at the store here. The shipping was $28 but at least Iím getting lobster I know she likes.

Leigh needs to take a picture of Paco with her digital camera so I can put it on photobucket and show you guys how cute he is! My cousins Alex and Helena are staying with us for awhile and Helena loooves Paco. Heís scared to death of her because she keeps chasing him around the house but sheís really good with him. Unlike Lance and Lydia those spawns of Satan.

I put up a few more pictures on photobucket so if you feel like looking at them and humoring me, the link is in my last post.

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