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Sunday, July 17, 2005

   Are you freaking kidding me?!!!
I officially hate this God forsaken place. Livid doesn't even begin to describe my state right now. All the other aspects of this hell hole I've been able to deal with; the obscene amount of cows, the nearest Borders being 4 hours away in another state, the Yankees fans. But charging $8 a pound for lobster that only comes weighing 4-6lbs and $20 for a bag of 50 clams is where I draw the line!

What the fuck is that?! My Mother's birthday is on Friday and I buy her lobster and steamers every year but I don't have that much money. In Massachusetts I could buy 2 lobsters and 2lbs of steamers for $25. These stupid people with their damn Icelandic haddock that tastes like crap! I despise them all. They'll burn in Hell I tell you!

They're right up there with the cows in my book. Evil bastards.

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