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Sunday, September 7, 2003

   Muah hahahaha!!!!
Yes I am (in Katie's words) the "ill na na nasty" driver. Except maybe in the Saugus rotary. I haven't even attempted Route 1 yet.....the Lynnway's three lanes were enough for me. Me and Laura had to pick up Kay yesterday before we went to home depot because her psycho stepdad called her everyname in the book and told to never come back for like the 3rd time in the last 2 months. So last night her laura and a bunch of their friends were supposed to have snuck into Kay's house and thrown all her stuff out the window, pack it into my mom's van, and then put it in my basement.....since I just woke up I don't know if everthing went according to their genius plan. But hopefully it did. Kay's supposed to be living between my house and Tori's until she finds an apartment. She just started at MIT, I doubt she needs this stress. But on a less depressing note, I got colors for my room!! So did laura but on our way home we saw a coach on Walnut st. that said free and laura wanted it for her room so of course we stopped. But when she opened the trunk one of her paint cans fell out and spilled all over the ground. So after we put the couch on the car laura covered the paint with a sheet she had in her car and we just left it there. Since we didn't have any rope Kay had to sort of hold the couch with one hand as we drove really slow the rest of the way home. But we took another detour when we saw a yard sale. I got two blankets that match the paint I got for 10 bucks. Not bad. But I'm gonna have to clean my room before we can get started painting today.....it's such a mess. Katies pickin me up at 4 after she gets out of work so we can waste a couple hours walkin around with our combined 4 dollars. I need a job. Any suggestions???
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