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Friday, September 5, 2003

   blah blah
yup i got my permit today. i dont know why.
the stupid thing costs 30 bucks now, prolly cuz the papers thicker. so ill prolly have my mom take me to the walmart in salem tonight or maybe building #19 (baby steps)!
i really dont wanna.....urgh!!
laura came and left within 5 minutes again. shes such an ass. but hey ive seen her twice in the past 4 days, thats gotta be a record.
katie called and said her second day of school was worse..........ricky, jimmy, and mike all in one class.....eek! i feel for her LYNN CLASSICAL HIGH SCHOOL BLOWS!!!!
and as i sit here listening to coheed and cambria - delirium trigger i wonder how ari's orientation at northeastern went, if he meant what he said to laura, if maybe he's an alcoholic, and if he's going to that concert tomorrow without me and katelyn ......grr what a dick
now i wonder if i even give a rats ass
ummmmm ......... nope i really dont
being stoic is alot better than caring especially when it comes so naturally to me
ummm......... why is there a strawberry in my toilet?????

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