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Sunday, February 6, 2005

   "What's burning?!! I smell something burning!!"

"I don't know Dad. Maybe it's... the fire?"


Things I'm sick of; stupid people, Leigh's crappy taste in tv shows, and my family's appalling taste in movies. Leigh always has basketball practice so I get stuck taping things like American Idol, One Tree Hill, and The O.C. No offense if you like them but I can't stand them. I especially resent taping them for her because I can't watch any of the shows I like. Everytime I try to watch any of the CSI shows my mom complains about how gross they are until I change it. There's no point in watching if I can't hear them over her big mouth.

If a movie I get from Netflix isn't a love story with a happy ending all they do is bitch. Broaden your damn horizons!! What a sad life you lead if the only movies you'll watch are The Notebook, The Majestic, and America's Sweethearts. Leigh whined until I put movies she wanted on my list so I have to take up space with movies like How To Deal, Crossroads, and Picture Perfect. Grrr!!

Although, I got Leigh to watch In the Company of Men by telling her it was a nice movie. Muahahaha!!! She's pissed at me.

WTF!! Why the hell are the Pats not kicking ass? The game is tied!

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