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Sunday, December 19, 2004


I Finally watched Monty Python and The Holy Grail in its entirety!! It was even funnier than I thought it would be. My mom and sister didn't like it but they don't like Young Frankenstein either. What LOSERS!!!
"Damn your eyes!".... "Too late."

Christmas is only a few days away and my mom just started shopping yesterday. What a loony! So after she gets more crap today, tomorrow I'll help her wrap it all while the kids are at school. Fun fun. I am without a doubt the worst gift wrapper ever. It takes me an obscene amount of time to wrap one thing.

I didn't know that Shawn Ashmore was in Animorphs Red. Although I only ever saw 2 episodes. I never read the books either. Just the Andalite Chronicles, which I really liked. I haven't even seen X-2 yet. It's really sad.

Staying away from dairy and anything that would set off my acid reflux basically means that all I can eat is oatmeal. It's not too bad though. There are a lot of different kinds out there. I will eat every one!!

I want icecream!!

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