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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


She is such a cutie! I woke up yesterday and she was sleeping on my legs and Paco was on my stomache. I'm so excited that they get along. It's really funny because Paco is afraid of everyone. But he lays right next to her all the time. It's so cute I can't stand it!! Pookie, on the other hand, hisses and scratches. What a bitch.

I have 5 math books to get through and it makes me want to kill myself. My day basically consists of me doing 15 math lessons instead of the usual 1 and taking 3 tests, or 1 every 5 lessons, memorizing words, reading the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, and watching Adult Swim. Calculus is going to kick my ass.

Cheesecake!! My mom bought cheesecake!! It's only 6am but I need another piece!!

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