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Saturday, November 13, 2004

   You are what you eat huh?

Then I guess that makes me a buttered bagel with extra cream cheese!! Thanks for the concern guys, I'm feeling a lot better. It was just a bug that gradually went through everyone in the house. Laura said she'll be coming up again in December so hopefully I'll get to spend time with her then.

Acid reflux you suck!! I'm supposed to avoid food that gives me heartburn but even when I do I still get it. Even so, I know I'd get it less if I tried to steer clear of things that set it off. Ugh... how am I suppose to give up chocolate!!? I'm going to die.

Leigh went out to eat in Canada yesterday.... I don't really know why. Apparently a lot of the kids around here go to the movies there too.

I watched FMA last night. Looks good. Ghost In The Shell was good too. I saw the first few episodes a while ago before my computer died. I really liked the soundtrack. Still do.



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