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Thursday, November 11, 2004


Bleh. That's how I felt all week. Every 10 minutes I was in the bathroom feeling like I was about to throw up. Not once did I. What really sucks is that Laura drove up to visit for a few days and the whole time she was here I was sick. BOO on sickness!! And I've completely reversed my sleeping patterns again! I don't go to sleep until 9am.

The awesome news is that I thought we were getting cable next week but we got it yesterday!! I've been without BRAVO and Cartoon Network for almost a year! No more.

Ten words a day keep the dictionary away. Memorizing words is sooo boring. Even if it is only 10 minutes a day. I'd rather watch grass grow. I haven't even looked at the crappy excuse for literature that is Tami Hoag's Guilty As Sin. My brain couldn't handle the added assault.

It's now 2am and Adult Swim is starting over so I'll continue boring you to death another time.

"Honest words are like August 3rds, they just both come maybe once a year."

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