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Saturday, November 29, 2003

   Did you enjoy the turkey holocaust???
Ah snl kills me. So how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Good I hope. I'm sorry I haven't been on. No one will ever let me on the computer. But no more!!! I've had enough!! Been pushed to far!! Today I sat down at the computer and whenever someone asked if they could get on for a sec I said "NOOOOOO!!!!" A second to them is a year.

But anywhen... my Thanksgiving went really well. My mom, Laura, and I did all the cooking which was fun in itself. Everything was going good when we all sat down to eat. Everyone was in a good mood and Laura and I kept making each other laugh about nothing sitting across from each other. And then there was Lance. He stole Lydia's seat for some reason and sat next to me. He was just being a bitch. Whining and calling people names for no reason. Well... I was getting pissed because he was ruining my good mood along with everyone elses. So I did the only sensible thing I could think of...... I shoved a handful of my mashed potatoes in his face. Yup smeared it all ova. Everyone looked up after he started yelling and my mom asked "what the hell happened?" I put an innocent look on my face, raised my hands (one of which was covered in mashed potatoes), and said "I didn't do anything." He eventually learned to shut up (didn't want me to shove squash down his throat). In the middle of dinner I felt a little overwhelmed because everyone was talking at the same time and I couldn't hear myself think so I leaned forward and put my forehead on the table. After sitting like that for 10 minutes Leigh told me to sit up and eat. I was hungry so I did but a few minutes later I put my head down again. Leigh (she was sitting next to me) hit me in the head and told me to wake up. I sat up, threw peas at her and told her I was awake. So to make sure I didn't put my head down again.... she put mashed potatoes all over the table in front of me. After we all finished eating it was only mom, Laura, and me at the table and my mom said she wanted us all to sit down and watch a movie together. While we were talking about which one we should watch I thought I heard Lydia say something. She said it again and we all heard her........ BARNEY!! We all screamed no!!! and I dove but it was already too late. It was in the vcr..... no going back. Laura and I screamed and ran away. And that was pretty much the end of turkey day.

It's 2am and I have to go to the mall with Katie tomorrow...er.... today. I have to go do laudry so I'll have something to wear so that's it for this post. But I'm gonna post everyday from now on. Even if there's nothing to say I'll just sing!! Anticipate a lot of Christmas songs!!!

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