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Sunday, October 31, 2004

   Random thought:
I cannot, for the life of me, remember the name of the Japanese exchange student who lived with my aunt and uncle for a month. I mean, I was 9 and about to go in my Nana's pool so our only conversation was basically "HibyeCANNONBALL!!." But I should remember his name. All I know is that if he tells enough people about his experience.... no one else will want to come to America. I feel so bad for him.... I can't even stand to stay at that house for an hour. How did he last a whole month? If I new his name I'd send him a fruit basket or something. Try to reassure him that not all of us are bitchy drunks with satanic children and 6 cats and dogs who smell.

Anywho... it's funny to think how distracted I was during the last few months I went to school. In english class I found myself having to sing School House Rock songs like "Conjunction Junction What's Your Function" just to be able to form a complete sentence. "Hookin' up words and phrases and clauses." I think those songs are nifty. Everyone in that class was ready to kill me... that's for sure. Note to self: learn to sing in your head!! Where's the fun in that though?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I don't plan on doing anything and since I can think of nothing else to say, I shall leave you with a story. You should find it as hilarious as I do. I can't see why you wouldn't.

Back in July I was at Katelyn's house and we were doing a whole lot of nothing as usual. Then she got it in her head that we should go bike riding. At first I said "Do you know me at all? You really think it's wise to put someone as clumsy as me on a bike.... in heavy traffic?" But in the end, reluctantly, I agreed. After telling her I hadn't ridden a bike in 5 years, and even when I rode everyday... I fell off everyday, I said I really should wear a helmet. Of course she whined and said if I was going to wear one that she didn't want to go. I said I wouldn't wear one. She got her bike, that she never even used before, and I was stuck riding her stepfather's. Let me paint a picture for you... I'm maybe 5'3" when I stand up straight. Her stepfather is 6'4" and because he's OCD I didn't dare lower the bike seat. Needless to say, getting on the bike at all was no easy feat. We walked the bikes down her hill and got on. I was really wobbly at first but I kind of got the hang of it. To give you an idea of how long I was actually on the bike, I'll include an estimate of the distance. We started at the bottom of her hill, we then got on and rode about 50 feet to the end of her street. Turning right onto the busiest street in the whole damn city we went about 150 feet when Katelyn glanced over her shoulder and seeing no cars, flew across the street. Of course, by the time I looked there were cars coming from both directions. Asking her to wait a second, which she didn't, I stopped and got off to wait for someone to stop. Again, the bike was way too high and it was really hard for me to get off as well as on the frickin' thing. I had to walk the bike a few feet up to a place where the sidewalk was high enough for me to be able to climb back on without falling over. A car stopped on my side to let me go and I saw that no one was coming on the other side so I got back on the stupid bike. Well, I was gold, until I got to the middle of the street. I still don't really know what happened... I guess I just lost my balance. I completely flipped over the bike in the middle of the street. On my way down I think I screamed but when I landed I just laid there. The cars that were stopped started beeping so I decided to get up which was difficult since my legs had somehow gotten tangled all around the bike. They probably thought I was crazy because my hands and right knee were bleeding but once I was out of the street I collapsed on the sidewalk, laughing hysterically. I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard. I can't stop laughing now. I was on my bike and then ...boom... I'm on my ass in the middle of the street. Kids, this is why you should always wear your helmet. Katelyn and I only rode for another ten minutes because all the while I was bleeding she was whining that the seat hurt her butt. Everytime I ride a bike I fall off. Full of grace... I am not. But it's so damn funny!! OMG I am such a frickin' clutz. Even now my knee still hurts though. It sounds like a rusty hinge when I bend it.

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