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Thursday, October 28, 2004

   Why do I type friggin' when I say frickin'??
It's just one of life's great mysteries I guess..... I have a feeling this post is going to be long.

Due to the fact that I was alone in my house for a couple months I had a lot of time to think. I've decided to wait until after college to join the Peace Corps. There's no doubt in my mind that if I join four months from now when I turn 18 I won't want to bother going to college when I get back. I just feel the need to drive myself crazy trying to do everything as soon as possible because I worry that I don't have enough time. Do I desperately need to get and keep my hypochondria in check? Yes!! Yes I do!!

If I didn't go to college I'd kick myself in the face! It wouldn't make any sense really. I've wanted to go to Paul Smith since I was 10. My whole life I've been interested in science but could never really decide what to focus on. A chemistry set when I was 8, a telescope when I was 9. Watching reruns of Quincy had me thinking about forensic anthropology. But I went to Paul Smith with my tutor and realized that I really liked the idea of studying the environment. No way would I major in natural resources though... I'll leave that to the people who join green peace. I'm all for recycling but those people are extreme. I know that I sound like an ass... but they scare me!

The only thing I know for sure is that I plan on get my bachelors in biology. Field biology, ecology (specifically mammalogy), or conservation science... who knows which one I'll stick with? I'd like to get one in their Culinary Arts and Service Management course too... but thinking about that makes me certain that I'm trying to KILL myself. Even though the $30,000 a year tuition could do that by itself.

After I left school in 2003 I never really focused on my home schooling. In all honesty I have yet to do anything. Which puts me a year behind everyone else my age. But I'm about a decade ahead in the maturity department compared to the idiots I went to school with. Starting late is sort of like a high school senior deciding to spend the year after graduation exploring or "finding himself/herself." Only I'll be spending the year studying my ass off nonstop.... this year. With home schooling it was never really a question of would I do it or even if I could. It was always when would I decide to get off my ass and start. So now I have all the crap I need and I'm going to buckle down. I could take the easy way and go get my GED because I know I'd be able to at least pass it. But I did really good in school until I let everything going on in my life overwhelm me and I want to start where I left off. It's going to be a royal pain in the ass but the end shall surely justify the means!!

Besides, if my old biology teacher found out the only person who paid attention in his class was slacking, he'd hunt me down and kick my ass!! Ok, seriously, how many times have I said ass?

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