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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Muahahahahaa!! I have returned!! For good this time. Quick recap... back in May my computer had another major malfunction which took forever to fix. My mom decided to move back to upstate New York where we lived a few years ago. So she took Leigh, Lorna, Lance, Lydia, and the computer with her. She wanted me to stay in MA with my dad until he sold the house. So for what seemed like FOREVER I was staying there with nothing but a mattress on the floor and a tv that gets 3 channels that barely come in.

But no more!! I'm now in cattle country.... where the nearest grocery store is 12 miles away. Montreal is an hour away.... I think. I miss Boston... but I plan on going to college here at Paul Smith anyway.

How have you guys been?? I missed you like crazy. I walked all the way to the library because I was so desperate for a computer and they friggin restrict you from looking at anything that's not educational! Those bastards!!

Do any of you happen to know what resides in cattle country?? COWS!!!! They're everywhere... I can't escape them! But I shall torch every last one of them MUAHAHAAHAHAA!!!! They're plotting against me I just know it... I'll get them first though... hehe.

Hmmm... anywho I do believe I'll go look at everyone's sites now. Damn cows.

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