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Saturday, November 22, 2003

MONDAY- Leigh's Barbizon graduation. I took a shower at the last minute and Laura and I sped to the train station and took the T into Boston. I had my hair sat on too many times to count and then had to fight to get off at our stop. We were running late so Laura made me run the 4 blocks to John Hancock Hall.... in the freezing cold..... with my hair soaking wet. Needless to say when we got there my lungs were about to burst and my hair was stiff. I was pretty much coughing and/or wheezing during the entire ceremony. Leigh looked and did awesome in the fashion show *swoons* la dee da. A lot of our family was there and we screamed every time she came out. When she came out as a calendar girl as July with her friend as September we were yelling so much that the host asked "Are July and September special months?" My Uncle Jimmy was sooo loud. Two of her friends came and when they saw that people were handing the graduates flowers when they came down the runway the last time they ran around looking for a place that sold flowers. The only store nearby didn't have any so they bought her a stuffed animal puppy instead. One of the songs that was played during the show was Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal....... I couldn't resist singing along and dancing in my seat. Couldn't resist when Van Morrison's Moondance came on either. All in all it was a fun time. Even when I half carried Leigh to the parking garage after. Those high heels are killers...especially when you're in them for 10 and a half hours. She made me massage her feet when we got home.

TUESDAY- Nothing much happened. I was running up the cellar stairs when I tripped and slammed both of my shins on the edge of a step. My legs went numb and I had to crawl the rest of the way up the stairs. I must have hit them pretty hard cons

THURSDAY- Nothing at all. Not even and injury.

FRIDAY aka last night - Laura, Katie, and I went to the movies. We saw Love Actually which was pretty good. Afterwards we decided to go out to eat. Drove the 10 minutes to Chilis and realized that it was 10:15 and Katie had to be home by 11:00..... not 11:01. No lie she came in two minutes past 9:00 before and was grounded for two weeks. We rushed our order, ate fast, and got out of there by 10:35. We only had to rush because the traffic was a little heavy. Nonetheless we got her home 15 minutes early. After a lovely night of listening to her talk nonstop about her boyfriend I was in the mood to go to sleep. Yeah right. I predict the next time I see her will be the day after Christmas when we go shopping. Like every year. Someone kill me now. Please!!?? I went upstairs to watch tv around midnight and Laura was online talking to Ari. This morning she told me that they went to the movies and saw Gothika. She really liked it and thought it was scary but I don't trust her taste in movies. She thought The Ring was scary. She wants me to see it but I doubt I will. It's highly unlikely that by the time I leave my house again it will still be in theaters. I'm bored right now and highly annoyed for no reason other than I can't stand anyone.

Random question: Is anyone else ambidextrous???

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