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Saturday, November 15, 2003

   "Read me the letter baby. Do not leave out the words."
4:30 a.m. Today was such a lovely day....... yeah right. My neighbors from across the street moved last week and today there were people looking at the house. I don't think they want to move near me now. The friggin mail man just left a package on the front porch again!! Is it so hard to ring the doorbell??!! Someone could steal it! I was looking out the window when I saw the potential new neighbors and the package on the porch. It was freezing out today so I can imagine they thought I was retarded enough when I came outside to get the stupid box wearing shorts and a tanktop with no shoes. Along with being freezing it was also extremely windy so I was trying to avoid venturing all the way outside by holding onto the handle of the screen door with my right hand and leaning over while reaching out for the box with my left. Well...... the psychotic wind viciously ripped the door away from me, slamming it into the porch railing, and causing me to completely fall forward onto the porch on my hands and knees. That hurt, but not nearly as bad as when the wind changed direction causing the door to swing back and slam into me....... throwing me into the railing. I screamed........ no words. Just really loud, wordless, screaming of intense aggravation. While simultaneously kicking the door and throwing the box into my house. Then I turned and smiling at the hopefuls across the street I said "It's windy." ..............."Won't you be my neighbor?"
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