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Saturday, November 1, 2003

   "I'm a model, ya know what I mean......"
"I do my little turn on the catwalk. Yeah on the catwalk." Leigh's modeling competition is tomorrow!! Ugh she can't find her outfit so she's freaking out. Her, my mom, Laura, and I have to leave at 6am because Leigh has to be there at 8 and it doesn't even start until 1!!! But the worst part is..... I have to dress up!! Well, wearing a nice sweater and my wool coat is dressed up for me. I am NOT wearing shoes though. I might wash the mud off my sneakers though. MIGHT being the operative word. Being pretty is expensive. It cost $2000 for Leigh to go to Barbizon and $700 to register for the competition. Not counting how much all of her outfits were. It's hard to beleive she used to be a boy. Hehehehe...... But she'll be competing in a category of girls who are 13+ and 5'8+.....it must be nice to be tall. Agents from Japan and Italy will be there so Leigh's pretty nervous but I know she'll do fine. I don't want to get up early!!!

Yesterday was boring. I don't like Leigh's friends, I don't like mine either, and there were a lot of them here. They made a mess, that Laura and I had to clean, but I didn't really mind that much. I just don't like being aroung a lot of people. Especially in my house because I HATE when people touch my things. One of Leigh's friends was on the computer and it was driving me crazy!! Ari came over and Laura, him, and myself got a bunch of movies from his house and just hung out in Laura's room for the rest of the night. I finally got to see American History X!! That is a really good movie. If you haven't seen it yet I suggest you go rent it right now!! I said NOW!! I don't know why we didn't end up going to Salem..... it never really crossed my mind. Cuz I was too busy stealing food from the party to take to Laura's room muahahahaha!!! Sharing is caring. There is still a lot of food left. Want some? There's enough for another party. I have to make more room in the fridge because all of Leigh's friends are anorexic...... it's not fair. Come help me eat!!!! Well, I suppose I'll go help look for Leigh's clothes. Just because I'm sooooo nice.

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