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Friday, October 31, 2003

   Happy Halloween!!
Laura got sick of me "spazzing out" when I was cleaning yesterday so she made me help Leigh put up decorations outside. The house is not nearly cleaned to my satisfaction but Laura told me not to touch anything. It's really bugging me. I woke up at 11am after having gone to bed at 9am to find that my dad was sleeping and Lydia had dumped icecream all over the floor, emptied out my top drawer, and given herself a haircut. Again. I think Laura and I are gonna stay at Leigh's party until about 9 and then we're going to the haunted houses in Salem. After that..... who knows. I don't have anything else to say so for now I'll leave you with the lyrics to a song that I really like. I'm off to work on Cow Genocide!!! Muahahahaha!!!

Remy Zero - Twister

I need to hear you say goodbye.
I don't know why I hang around.
You soothe the pain within my eyes,
And then you leave without a sound.

Show me a sign and I'm
Takin' you home.
Give me the time,
To show how I have grown.

Under the old back porch you knew
I love you more than that
And so, you let me fall back on my own
And where you were, I'll never know

Show me a sign and I'm
Takin' you home.
Give me the time,
To show how I have grown.

There'll be sun
All lies fall from heaven now
Seemed I want all (that I want all)
Though there ain't no more.
So to the fall,
All the stairs, and all the breaks,
And no breaths
And I'll walk on, and feel the sun.

So inside I turned away
To find out what I can be.
And so all these colors,
That shine within my soul
And I all I am,
You'll never know.

I see the signs and I'm
Takin' you home.
I'll have the time,
To show how I have grown.

When all works all covered,
(I don't know what's it's worth)
Something to help me live.
Something as real, we all fall.
Something is real here, then it's real there...
Here's something to help you, help you...

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