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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

   Whew!! I can breathe easy.
Leigh told me which fish is my lil' Varice!! I'm soo happy!! Well, yeah....it's a fish. I miss my dog sniff...sniff. At least I have my fish and my cats. Speaking of which, here comes my baby! He's sooo cute and vulnerable and ghaeoagh;ja;ehtoi.......yeah he just walked on the keyboard and laid on my hands. Did I mention he's a little on the chubby side? My little fraidy cat, Paco!! He likes to sleep in/on my hair. Jazzy is staring at the fish.......she's pawing at the glass, *DUN DUN DUN* I think she's hungry. Pookie, as usual, is walking back and forth across the piano. Yes, she thinks she's Mozart. I'm now typing with only my left hand because Paco is laying on my right arm. I'm losing feeling.....he needs to lose a few pounds. Ugh, my little Paco Taco needs to be loved right now so I guess I'll go lay down with him upstairs and try to go to sleep. No such luck....
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