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Once apon a time i was known as scorpi121 here, then i left, but now i'm back, and with a cool new name!

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Monday, March 5, 2007

My War Aginst Erasers Continus
I'm near failing in my art class, so I brought a bunch of paper home to do some hoeworks and extra credit. While finishing up y first pic, I go to erase the mistakes, and I find that yet another eraser has escaped. But after a while, I go to grab a new one, bm my plate, and out pops the eraser. Ithad decided to hide under my plate. Which rings the score to 3 to 1, erasers in the lead.

I have decided I might hold a sort of contest. Anyone interested? It would be a combo of wor ryhme things(not sure what thre called) or a scavenger hunt.

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