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Hi, I'm quite new here and btw thank you for your visit! If you're new, I hope you will be kind and sign my GB.. I'll be happy to do the same! And for my friends who just dropping by to visit me, thank you very much! ^^

I believe in Christ and I'm not ashamed of it. If you aren't ashamed of it either, then copy and paste this into your profile.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

   I'm backkk!!!!
Waaahhh.. At last I open MyO again.. I want to say sorry to all my friends that I couldn't visit for a quite long time.. Really sorry guys!! Also sorry for my friends that PM me before, and who gave me GB!! I do hope you aren't mad at me.. I've become pretty busy lately.. Sorry!!!

Anyways, I'll try my best to visit you guys while doing my projects!! See you!

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

   I've finished my final exam!
At last, I can finished struggling for that exam.. I dunno how it will turn out, but I believe I've given my best shot at it! Thanks for my Lord, Jesus Christ (yeah, I'm a Christian! ^^) that has supported me through those time, and also for my friends that have given their support for me.. You rocks, guys! Well, just want to tell you that, have a nice holiday! ^^
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Saturday, June 2, 2007

   Hell's exam started!
Tomorrow my final exam will be started!! I don't have much time for this post, so I decided to make it short.. Arrghhhhh I can't study well!! I can't concentrate and what I can do know is just read comics and play! Please God help me through this damn week..

And one other thing, today I also will have a concert! I'm not that good to play piano, but I'll play one cheerful song! I'm so nervous.. Also with that exam thoughts.. All make me feel STRESSED!

Well, I don't have much time again, so I'll see you when I've finished my exam.. Also sorry for my best friend KuroYUKIrou, I won't reply your PM for now, thanks for waiting! See ya my friends!

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