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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh well!
Hey guys! I know I said earlier that I wouldn't be posting anymore "life posts", but for some reason, I jsut can't get that serious lately! I've tried, really really hard, but for some reason, it's like my brain doesn't want to function, much like a certain blonde-haired ninja I know *cough cough*.

Anyways, like I was saying, I guess I'll return to posting real post after all. I still recognize that not many people will be on myOtaku, but even if I am talking to myself, or jsut a few of my close friends, does it really matter? If anything it makes it all the better!

So, yeah, I'm going to this awesome anime convention this Friday! I'm really excited about it, especially because me and four or my best buds are going with me this time! With my cosplay still not finished, I've got loads to do!

Well, bye guys!

P.S. Can anyone tell me where to get music besides imeem? It's being really annoying!

Love, `~~Miniwolf Tribe~~`

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