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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hiya everyone!
I know it's been a while and I said I would post sooner, but I was really busy this week and time just slipped away! Before I knew it was the weekend!

Well, the main reason I was away is because of my dumb summer reading reports and stuff. I'm actually behind as it is so I may not be on here very much. But I know you guys won't mind that much. ^^

I hope everyone's 4th of July went well! I went to a nice restaurant and ate lots of seafood that was delicious! I also hope taht everyone ahd a great weekend. I didn't really do taht much this weekend, but then again, I was stuck doing reports so I didn't really get to do much.

Well, guess I've blabbed enough about myself. I'll see you guys later, okay?

Loves, `~~Miniwolf Tribe~~`

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Have an excellent day!^^

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Hello everyone! Can ya'll believe it? the wekend is finally here! I don't really do much around the house and it really doesn't matter that it's Friday, but I still can't shake the feeling of celebration! (I'm WAY out of it today lol) XD

Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that this will be my last post until Sunday or Monday. I'm going over to a relative's house after I bring my kitty to the vet! Poor thing has to get shots and everything.

Anyways, to wrap it all up, I want to say thank you to all who have commented and rated on all my posts and stuff. I realy really appreciate it! Well, bye for now!

Love, `~~Miniwolf Tribe~~`

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

   Hey ^^

Hello everyone! Yes, I have those pictures that you all voted for! The winner is......NARUTO! But first, a few words from our sponsor. XD

The picture above is my sister's new artwork that she came up with. She's really proud of it. I thought it was really funny, so i went ahead and posted it! ^^ If you can't see the picture, go to Inuyasha in the fanart section. It's called Curiousity Kills!

I really miss my grandmother right now. I haven't been able to see her for awhile, and I don't really know when I'll actually be able to visit. My aunt (who's really my cousin) and her daughter (I think) are with her right now. They brought her a kitty that's only 2 months old and was born on my aunt's birthday strangely enough! It's supposedly black and white, and really really cute!

My parents are going out of town this weekend so Mrs. Gloria is going to stay with my sister and I Satuday and Saturday night. She's really fun and likes to drink coffee and play games with us. We hadn't been able to see her for awhile because she had surgery. I don't think it was evry serious though. :P

Well, that's really enough about me for now. I hope all of you are doing good and all of you are enjoying your summer vacations! Anyways, buh-bye for now! ^^

Love, `~~Miniwolf Tribe~~`

And now, the long awaited
*****Pictures of the Day*****!!!!

Before you start looking, I would just like to say, that most of these are group pictures. I'll probably have another poll later so you all can choose a different anime. If you have any suggestions, please contact our sponsor via private messages. Thank you and enjoy the short show! XD

Sorry, just couldn't help it! ^^

And for Teapot Domescam...

Well, that about wraps it up folks! For those who couldn't see the images, the URLs for the pictures are below this message. Thanks so much for your support guys! See you all later! Have an AWESOME weekend!!!









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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry that i haven't really been around much to visit you all! Lately I haven't really been feeling up to doing anything much. It's a feeling one would call "Laziness". XD Anyways, my sister is having to use my computer anyways so I don't really get it that much anymore. Her internet is out, so she has to use mine until it gets fixed. IF YOU ARE READING THIS DEAR SISTER, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY OFFENSE. (I'm so ttly weird! XD)

Anyways, I'm SO sorry about the whole ****Picture of the Day***** thing! I don't really know what to put up! Please use the poll below. The one that gets the most votes wins. If it's a tie, I'll put all that are tied up. If you want a pic that's NOT listed, please tell me about it in a comment. ^^

Well, I had better be going. I if I stay on the computer too long, I'll get addicted! See you guys arounf later okay? Thanks for stopping by!

Love u people!, `~~Miniwolf Tribe~~` or *Ashley*

Get your own Poll!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hello ^^
It's been a few days since I've actually been on I know. Don't worry, I haven't forgot about you guys at all! ^^ In fact, I've been brusing my brain into finding a way to get on here for a while. Unfortunately, this process has not helped. (lol) Anyways, I hope to be on here more soon, and I promise the people who leave a comment I will visit your sites and for and as for everyone else, I will try my hardest. It's getting really hard to keep up with everyone! ^^

Well, I hope you like my new theme! In case you don't really know, it's off of Final Fantasy X.(10 for those who barely know their numerals like me! XD) I've been playing the game as much as I can squeeze in between the chores and more chores (lol)!

Anyways, I hope you all are enjoying your time off of school, because I know I am! Hopefully everything will calm down in a little while and I'll be able to visit everyone soon!~

Love you people, `~~Miniwolf Tribe~~`

Sorry guys, but there won't be any *****Picture of the Day***** this time. I'll be sure to get you guys a couple next time, okay? ^^

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

   Hello again people!
Hello people! I know I had posted a godd bit including a story the last few days, but I'm on summer vacation and I'm kind of bored ^^

Anyways, we got a new fish today named June nad she now in a ig tank with the other fish. I also wrote more letters to all of my friends that I'm not going to see next year. One of them is having a party next Sunday, and I'm hoping to go to that.

Well, I hope you have all been good so far. Ninjagirl242004 if you read this I hope you had fun camping. ShadowsCastbyDusk, I hope your computer problems get solved soon. I woul;d especially like to thank SasukeFan32, Teapot Domescam, and stars go bye. For everyone else that posts I would like to thank you all for commenting on my posts! They really make my day ^^

Thanx so much everyone!!!!!!! You all ROCK!!

Love, `~~Miniwolf Tribe~~`

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quiz ^^

What Ninja Rank Are You (Naruto)
Your Result: Hokage

You are the most powerful ninja of the village, the village champion. As Hokage you get control of the village, army, and the feared Anbu-black ops. You won't see as much action as you used to, but everybody loves you, and you know you will fearlessly defend the village as the sixth Hokage. Take that Naruto! (Next Hokage my @$#)

Special Jounin
Ninja Academy Student
Rouge Ninja
What Ninja Rank Are You (Naruto)
Create a Quiz

Hokage! YAY!!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

   A story...
I really hope you guys don't mind, but I'm posting a SASUxSAKU story on here. I just made it up and it's really not that good. But anyways, please tell me what you think. If you don't like this pairing, scroll down and you'll find my other post. Well, here goes everything!

Why did it always have to happen to her? Why did love seem to follow only her around like a lost puppy? Yes, young Sakura Haruno was in love. She was in love with a young boy who went by the name of Sasuke Uchiha. All of the girls in Konoha loved him. He not only was smoking hot, but he was also mysterious and an awesome ninja. So if Sasuke was that great, what could be so wrong with falling in love with him? Sakura was a hot-tempered, road-rage, out-of-control, thinks-she-so-preppy-and-hot, person. She was a coward, and a hindrance. The only thing she was good at was dressing up like a doll and being smarter than everyone else is. She was that way, at least, on the outside. The real Sakura Haruno, that no one ever saw, was a gentle, caring loving, and very sensitive young girl… As a ninja of the Konoha village, Sakura could not show this side of herself. Her ninja duties called her to be a side she really was not and did not want to be. Sakura knew that she would never have a chance with Sasuke being the way she was. She knew that somehow, somehow on this small green and somewhat blue earth, she had to show him who she really was and wanted to be.

“Hey, Sakura-chan!” Sakura looked in the direction from where she had heard her name. Naruto was running to her. At least, whom she thought was Naruto. “Naruto, is that really you?” Sakura was very surprised. He was even taller than she was now and his voice was deeper than she remember last. Naruto had gone on a journey with Jiraiya for two years. She had not seen him for that time or heard from him. “Of course it’s me! Don’t you remember Sakura-chan?” She smiled slyly. “Of course I remember you Naruto! You have not been away for that long. How was your training with Jiraiya? He didn’t do anything perverted did he?” Naruto grimaced. “You mean Ero-sannin? He’ll never change no matter what you do!” Sakura just noticed something else about this new Naruto. He sounded more like an adult and less like the little kid she had known. “Eh, Sakura-chan?” Sakura snapped out of her thoughts. “I have a really cool jutsu to show you!” She smiled. “Go for it, Naruto.” He smiled and made the correct hand signs. There was a large puff of smoke. When the smoke cleared, she saw that Naruto transformed into his famous henge-jutsu. “NARUTO!” Sakura hit him over the head with her fist. He flashed his azure eyes in her direction. It might have worked for Hinata, but he would not get away with this one. “Sorry Sakura-chan, sorry Sakura-chan!” She guessed some things never would change.

After her meeting with Naruto and declining his invitation to get some ramen, she started on her way home. Her thoughts that Naruto had interrupted were not completely forgotten. They were not in the main part of her brain but they were still there in the back of her mind. As she made her way home, she was looking around and her heart suddenly stopped. Sasuke was just walking around with nowhere to go, looking at some things here and there. Naruto had arrived shortly after Sasuke had. Sasuke had been in the village for about a week, but Sakura still felt uneasy around him. She had told him her true feelings when he ran away from the village when they were twelve, and he turned her away to go train with Orochimaru. She didn’t want to think about what would happen if he knew she still loved him. She stopped staring at his stunning beauty and started walking fast. She did not really know if she could stand him talking to her, much less talking to him. She started slowing down, thinking that she was safe. “Hey Sakura.” Apparently, this was not so. “Hi Sasuke-kun.” She looked at him. She knew that he would probably have changed from her meeting with Naruto, but she did not know that he would change so much. His voice was a lot deeper and he was even cuter than he was before he ran away. His eyes still had the same onyx-eyed gleam that always made the girls in the village melt there on the spot. “Sakura.” Sakura was broken out of her thoughts for the second time that day. “Um, yes Sasuke-kun?” “Have you seen Naruto anywhere?” She silently breathed a sigh of relief at his simple question. “I think he said he was going to go get some ramen. You should find him at Ichiraku’s Ramen Shop. Same place as always.” He nodded and started to move in the direction of the ramen shop. When he was gone, Sakura just sat there. She could have sworn he said “thanks” under his breath to her. Sasuke never said anything like that to anyone, much less her. Why would Sasuke say something like that? “Maybe you just think too much Sakura,” she said to herself aloud. She started once again on her way home, but her meeting in Sasuke stayed at the front of her mind.

When she got home, she flopped down on her bed and stared at the ceiling. So much had happened to her today. She rolled over and looked at her clock. She saw that it was about 7:00, which meant it was time to eat dinner. She noticed that next to her clock, the picture of her, Sasuke, Naruto, and Kakashi-sensei, was gone. Where could it have gone? She looked around and finally found it under her bed. She dusted it off and soon remembered why it was under her bed. She had hid the picture a few days ago when she heard that Sasuke had come back. She had kept thinking about all the memories in the past, some painful some not, that she did not really want to remember. She had wanted to forget some of the cruel past between her and her teammates. She wanted to start a new chapter in the life of her team. Sakura sighed heavily and put the picture back in its rightful place. She walked out the door of her apartment and walked over to the restaurant across the street.

When Sakura had paid for her meal and left a small tip, she decided to go for a walk. She looked up at the sky. It was dark and a bit chilly. There were no stars in the sky, but the moon was full and bright. “It sure is a beautiful night. I haven’t seen one like this in a long time.”

It seemed that her feet were taking her from place to place without her realizing it. They took her by the memorial stone, where she remembered all of the fallen ninja and who Kakashi-sensei said that many of his friends were on that list. They took her by the ramen shop where she remembered all of the times she and her teammates had gone to get ramen there.

The last place they brought her was near the edge of the village. She looked round and was about to draw nearer to the small bridge that went over the small stream when she stopped. She could barely believe her eyes. Sasuke was right in front of her. It was as if fate had leaded her to this place. She tried to turn away before he noticed her…”Sakura?” Too late for that plan. She turned back around. “Hi Sasuke-kun. Beautiful night isn’t it?” she asked a bit nervous. He nodded slowly. “You know, you don’t have to call me Sasuke-kun all the time. You can just call me Sasuke.” Sakura slowly nodded. “Okay…Sasuke.” There was a short silence. “Well, Sasuke, I’m sorry, but I really must go now.” She backed off a bit and turned to walked away, but before she could start walking, she felt a hand on her wrist. “Hold it.” She turned back around. Sasuke let go of her wrist. “What’s the rush?” She just looked at him. Did he really just ask her that? Sasuke never wanted to be with anyone. How had he changed this much? “I just…feel a little chilly is all,” she said simply. Sasuke pulled off the jacket he was wearing and gave it to her. “You can have it if you want.” Sakura stunningly put the jacket around her shoulders. “Thanks Sasuke.” After an awkward silence, Sasuke spoke up. “I wanted to ask you something.” Sakura nodded and sat down on the stone bench. “Ask away.” Sasuke slowly followed and sat in the space next to her. “It’s something that’s in the past.” Sakura shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t really like discussing things in the past, but I guess I can make one tiny exception this time.” Sasuke smiled for a short moment. Sasuke was overwhelming Sakura. He had changed so much since she had seen him last. He was actually talking to her, not mumbling as he used to two years ago. He was smiling and being much more social. “Do you…do you hate me for what I said and did that night? The night I left Konoha and went to train with Orochimaru?” Sakura had not expected it. It took a few seconds for it to sink in. “How could I hate you Sasuke?” She turned to face him. “I hated that you left and I missed you a lot, but I couldn’t hate you.” She smiled. “If anything it made me love you even-” She choked off the rest of her sentence. She stood up abruptly. “I’m sorry Sasuke. I’ve really got to go.” Sasuke stood up. “Sakura I-” “I have to go!” It all happened in one swift and gentle movement. Sasuke swept her off her feet into one gentle kiss. Sakura was shocked at first, but decided to enjoy the moment. They broke up after what seemed like hours. Sasuke looked away blushing and Sakura could feel herself turning slightly pink in her cheeks. Sasuke looked her way and smiled. Sakura smiled back. Sasuke started to advance toward her and she moved out of the way. He kept walking straight ahead and did not look back at all. Maybe, just maybe, Sakura did not think too much after all. And maybe sometimes, it was okay to think about the past.

Well, that's the end! Hope you enjoyed it. Well, see you all later!

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   Hello People!
Hello again everyone! Sorry for not going to everyone's sites often, but I had to use a different computer. I've finally got my internet access back though!! I will probably be on here more now, so send me a message every once in awhile, okay?

Friday was totally AWESOME! All of the girls came except for my friend Bridgett, who said she wouldn't be able to make it in the first place. My parents let them stay an hour later and let one of them, Kaysie, stay over for the night. I could tell all of us had fun and I knew I would have to ivite them all to sleep over one night. ^^

Today I was pretty much in a pet store all day looking for a fish tank and some more supplies for for the fish I have. Their names are Nemo, Dori, Sport, Zipper, Tiger, and Kiba. I also walked a few miles because my sis wants to join the cross-country team at her school next year and I promised her I would do the excercises with her. So now my legs hurt along with everything else. Well, that's just about sums up my day. See you later!

Loves, `~~MiNiWoLf TrIbE~~`

The URl for this pic is:


*****Picture of the Day*****

Squirrel crossing!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm back again everyone! In case you don't really feel like reading the rest of this, please know that I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU ALL. My internet has been down on all of my family's computers except my mom's so I am having to borrow hers. That's why I won't be around much until it gets fixed, okay? ^^

Well, anyways, my week has been pretty good. We had a "water day" at school where everyone (even the teachers!) gets soaking wet. Not to mention it was a half-day today! Tomorrow is a half-day and Friday we get out at 11:00 o'clock, so I don't have a lot of school left. Hopefully I will be able to post and comment more when school is over! Until then, you'll just have to bear with me on the whole internet thing. I'm going to try and pass a shirt around that everyone can sign at school tomorrow and Friday. This is my last year at this same school, and most of my friends aren't coming with me to my new school next year so I REALLY want to get their signatures!

Friday I'm inviting most of my friends over and we're just going to hang out at my house. We will swim for the most part and eat pizza! I LOVE PIZZA! YAY FOR PIZZA!!! I'm totalyl crazy today...

I might be able to post that night, and then again I may nnot be able to post. Well, until next time! See you all around sometime!

Love, `~~Miniwolf Tribe~~`

P.S. Hope you like my new music and background! And also, if the picture thing is broken again, type in this address to see it:


Have an great week!

*****Picture of the Day*****

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