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OK well now you ask "Why is it Mimi?". Thats because at one beautiful night, Jo and I joked around. In the end, She was Jorma and I was Mimi. Lol.
Now you understand.
Well, something bout myself.
Im guy, Im gay, Im paranoid, Im 18 (soon 19) and friend of xSakurax, CedricTheDevil, HakuKohaku, Mr.Ranmaru and soon many more =^^= Ok well if you stop by then sing my gb.
now, see you around ^^
Something funny Marko and Jo found;
I hope it works.... Meooow....

Friday, January 6, 2006

   No shit

It clearly is Jojo; A kitten ^_____^


Then the cuteness that will melt your heart

Its just me, for the ones that still havent seen my face.... That was my costume last new years eve, when I stole a kiss from Jojo T_T Ahh.....

Lol. Ok thats all.

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Saturday, December 31, 2005

   Neeee~w year ^^

Heeeey its new year ^___^ Soooo..... Happy New Year all! only 25 mins for us (I mean, for finnish guys) and its New Year. Yay!! I hope I'll get a new bf.... My last one was too femine and always pragging.....
Well yea. Im cool. Just need a new guy. Meow.
Yesh well. Im gonna go. Have a grrrreat new year! I bet Tonys gonna have one ~_^ Teehee! You'll hear later.

Ohhhhh yeah!!!
Gess who that is? Gess? Gess? GESS? MEEE!!!
Lol. I dont usually wear that much black, but as I just dyed my hair, I felt like doing so.
I know Im not cute or handsome or anything but.... Im happy the way I am ^^
Thats it. End. Finito.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Marko-kun was nice and helped me. Lol.
Well I fixed my site a bit, tho Im lil hurry here. Teachers speaking so I wont stay long.
Well mwaaa.... Im going. I see you later, huh? @_@

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