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i love this show called inuyasha. i am in middile school and all my techers suck.
i have one friend in the whole class. also all the other grils don't like me. just because this gril named sana started tellingn lie's about me.also she thinks she is all; that she will not leve me alone. but one day she said marissa i know what your thinking and i go oh ya what your thinking how much you want a boy friend and i said no i am thinking how i am going to hit you in the head with a lead piepe and not get cought{csi the hand book on how to camit the perfixed caime}lol.
i know it sounds like i was being a little hras but you can't blam me she is the bigest BITCH on this plaent. ok i am wrong persila in my class is the bigest bitch on this plaent and any other. she is also a sult. she wears these tight shirt's and sikes pens and pencils down it to get the boys attenation. and she also flashs them. and i mean topeless. she is a puerto rica just like me. and evey now and then we have a nice conversation about what wrid food are mothers make. but in the end she is a sultly bitch.
i have one close friend in my class the only person i can tell my ture feelings to. she is on this site. she knows eveything about me and i know evey thing about her. we both have a little cruss and the same carther on a show. so we are always talking about him online. and she dethanitly a friend that i don't want as an enamy.

Monday, July 31, 2006

   the friend who visits and never ever leaves
her name is samantha. she moved in last year and i met her though my friend jamie.ok hes not really my friend just someone i play with when i am bored.Even know she comes over here a lot we both have something in common(holy shit)we both like sailor moon and that's y we remain good friends.
but none the less she is a retarted dumbass just like me.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

   my mom and what she does to me
i am just like my mom. ex she is a biger bitch than me. and her mom is a biger bitch than her. and her mom is a biger bitch than her but before i go into my family tree i will get down to the point. this post is about all the crap my mom does to me. she calls me names like bitch, moron, smart ass, ass and can't belive i am posting this but marissa pisa. but joking of cross. she does the funnyest things. things like has water firghts with me.


one day me and my mom were fooling around and she treated to thruogh water on me. i did not belive her but i should of. she proored a whole cup of water on me but i got her back. i went in to the bath room and filled up two whole cups of water. i walked out slowly and trough them on her. she got me back. i was outside planting and she goes i think you should water them AND YOU! she took the watering can and watered me. i took drit and rub it all over her shrit.


SO YOU SHE WHAT SHE DOES RIGHT?! she is some pice of work but in some wrid and retrated way.........


so as you can see i much as we firght as much as we cruse at each other we still love each other.


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Thursday, April 13, 2006

   my life
my life is boring and it always will be when ever i look forword to somthing some shit comes up and it doeent happen. i mean really how offen do you get a grat offer to go some where. i don't and when i do we have to do something. like go see some poeple I NEVER MET. my mom dad grandma and some poeple i hrat do this to me ALL THE TIME. and it pisses me off i wish something so big would come up that no one could make me miss. that would be the day. but unforcanetly that shit will never happen to me if it happens to you cool but if it happens to you eveyday than YOU SUCK out loud well if you think i am wrong tell iwant to if i am.
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   the best days of school
if you are in school than you know there are a few days you look forword to like xmass we get a week off, than there are little holidays like dr king day and than maybe even your b day ooo one of the gratest ones is spirng bake or ester week end or passover week end but the best one is summer vacation and it always will be
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Sunday, April 9, 2006

   the show inuyasha
ok if u like the show inuyaha than thank god u are in the right plkace u see i love that show and if you do to than sign my gb or send me a mesinge i dont care tell me who you like and who you hate i am sure that your not the only one but if you think i am an idoit than tell me i am cause i am called one amost evey other day so i am ues to it but do not cuse at me cause it will e coming right back to you
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