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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Other News
Well I've been busy.

David started EMT school last week on the 7th. He's doing pretty good. A lot to read tho. I'm sure he'll make it tho. It ends on Dec. 4th.

We're going down to TN to get married in March. Suppose to go down with my grandparents in Nov. to decide where it will b. I've already got the champagne glasses we're going to drink out of. Well there not here yet, but I ordered them yesterday.

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I've got a cake topper picked out, but won't b able to order it till next week.

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Still working on finding the dress I'm going to wear. I've tried on like 7 different ones. I've got plans to go look more tomorrow and Monday. Wish me luck! Mayb I'll find one soon!

Other than that stuff I've just been busy working. Nothing else to really do.

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   A new pic of David and Me
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   I'm back
I've got new pics of my kitty cat, Moo Cow.

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