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GO to the following link for rules and judging criteria for the Trigun Alternate Pairings Contest: http://tristrum.com/fizzypop/index.php?s=04fac6ce24764cfc9cd74c088c9d480c&act=ST&f=15&t=133

The current contestants as of January 29, 2004 are (identified by fanfiction.net usernames):

NeptuneHelena with "How To Speak Legato" (LegatoxMeryl)

Bennu with "Like A Criminal" (ElendiraxDominique primary, others)

uncreative pseudonym with "A Blessed Silence" (VashxMarianne)

Lady Shadowcat AND AnonymousTrigunOtaku (posted under the latter username) with "Dark Mirror." (RemxVash)

Sailor Lilith-chan with "Lina's Elusive Mayfly." (LinaxVash)

DeathBug with "Broken Window." (VashxDominique)

Nanika with "Seeing Red" (VashxMilly slight)

CaptainMurphy'sMistress with "A Hard Day's Night" (MidvalleyxMeryl)

Chiruken with "Incompatible" (KnivesxMeryl, VashxMilly)

Thunk with "Two Plants and a Girl" (KnivesxMeryl, VashxMilly)

Gloria Stone with "CHECKMATE: a spiders beauty" (KnivesxMilly)

Your name here if you enter!

No point you say?


Gaia Online anime roleplaying community This site is just full of spammers and trolls. If you want to flame some of them. . .~.^ I'm only there because I like the avatar customization.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Yet another pointless post
I really wish I had something to put here. . .
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Sunday, February 22, 2004

   Dark Mirror is Complete!
The 11th chapter has now been posted. :) There will be a sequel coming. . .and that extras page I mentioned will be online in a week or so, possibly. ^^
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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Pointless post
I don't have any good fanfics or shounen ai pics for this post. Hence, it is pointless. ^^
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Thursday, February 5, 2004


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Tuesday, February 3, 2004

   Banned from CAA
Details posted here:

*cries* I knew it would happen someday, but why did he have to concoct this story and ban me?

If he had only told me of what was going on and given me his side, that he was looking for the gun for hunting, I would have resolved the matter, apologized, and done my best to help clear him. . .*cries*

I'm worthless garbage. *cries*

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