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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Mood: Mad/ Sad
Time: 2:53 P.M.
I didn't get my chance! *sighs* GOOD GRIEF! I want to ask Steven out soooooo bad and I kept on telling Andrea and Holly that I wanted to go get him! But we waited at Andrea's house! GRRRRRRRR!!!! Oh well, better luck next time! (I guess)... Well.... I am staying the night over at my Aunts house (she's younger than me) well, we got back from our thanksgiving meal, and I got to see my lil' cousin Ty and all (although he kept on asking me to chase him, so I hid in my dads jeep) and we all just chilled and hung out... I called Matt (my X) and he was at Keaton's (who I was really wanting to talk to) but Keaton was in the shower so... well anyways, I got baptised this morning! XD and when I got done, I walked out of the water and down the (carpeted steps) and when I stepped on to the tile I slid and landed on my butt! It was so hilarious! Then afterwords we went to The Bakery to eat, and I had a juicy cheeseburger with some french fries! ^^ but anyways, I'm going to Comment so ttyl!

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