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Friday, November 18, 2005

Mood: Happy/ Tired
Time: 10:46 P.M.
Well, Holly and Andrea are spendin' the night! We played my flute, watched Dodgeball and the Grudge, and I sisnt get a chance with Steven again! But anyways, I was really mad at this really mean, preppy, pretty, sl** (excuse my language). I'm not jealous or anything, but I told her I liked Steven in 7th period (Steven has 7th period with us) and I was trying to talk to Justin to get his number... well, I told Lana that I liked him and she starts flirting with him, passing notes, giggling, and all, and I got so mad, I was silent the entire period. Well, I walked up to Alana and she said that Lana would steal any guy that one person like quote: Lana would steal my boyfriend if I went out with someone :unquote. Well... I am still mad an d I still dont have Stevens number, so it turns out that I'm gonna have to ask him out (in person) tomorrow... it sucks big time!I'm gonna drag Holly and Andrea with me... well Andrea likes him too so I imagine she won't come with me... Oh yeah! and Lana goes:
"He doesn't like you"
Me: "how do you know?"
Lana: "I asked him and he said no!"
And then near the end of class Alana held up notes and on the paper it said in big letters:
and he shrugged and she scribbled out FALYNN and wrote LANA and he shook his head no and she scribbled out LANA and put ANDREA and he shook his head no again, so I think theres a major possiblity that he likes me, but when I got on the bus he said he wanted to talk with me but I was so mad at him and Lana that I ignored him and pouted the entire trip home. And that might have been my chance! So... I think I will do it no matter whom, or what, gets in my way... I can't take it anymore! I think I'm starting to experience "Lov...I mean... possession!" haha! j/k , well anyways, I'll ttyl guys!

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