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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mood: Sad/ Queezy
Time: 7:51
I couldnt get on yesterday, I'm kinda failing my classes, so my dad went through my binder and found my notes! Well, that sucked big time! Anyways, I didnt get to ask Steven out because I had to go to the eye doctor, and I got my eyes dialated (thats when they put these special drops in you're eyes that make you're pupils all big and it covers up you're eye color *mine are blue* so I had this really thin, hard to see blue layer around all the blackness!) everyone thought I was high, cause I went to school after that and my eyes are just now starting to go back to normal... But anyways... I invited Holly, Nick, Andrea, Anna, Steven, and Statan to play football, but Steven had to leave by the time everyone got there, and I was gonna ask him out today! And on top of that he had the football! NOOOOOOOOOO! So we just hung around my place all day, I taught Joe (Steven's dog) how to catch goldfish in midair, and then he tackled me because I was chasing Anna... (that dog is flipping huge! His head reaches my hip when he sits down) But anyways, I'm just Hangin' out... what have ya'll been up too's?
Anyways... talk to you peeps lata's! haha!

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