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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mood: Hyper/ Happy
Time: 7:55 P.M.
OMGSH! I am so happy! I invited Steven over to my house on the bus, and we were gonna go to my friend Andrea's and told him to make it happen some how, I got home and my dad said I couldnt go as far a I wanted, cause Andrea's house is a little walk away... But, anyways, I called Andrea and told her to meet me at Holly's and so I went outside, and Steven (who lives across the street)saw me and went outside, so I started down the street, and he caught up, and we talked about our dogs (and he now knows that I like him) so we didnt know what to say... well we threw the football, then we all decided we wanted to go down to my place (after meeting up with Andrea, and my other friend Anna) And I have these trails, and we walked down the trails, to get to Stevens clubhouse that he built, and we flirted, and I slid off a branch and he helped me and Andrea kept giving me a thumbs up. Well, after we did all that and played around Steven went over to his place and got his football (Page, 4 years old, and Nick, 8, or 9) had been tagging along, Paige didnt play or she would get knocked senseless, so the first play I tackled Steven, he didnt go down to easily, so as he ran I kinda slid down to his feet and bareley grabbed him, then he went down, and then TJ, Andrew, and Andrea's lil' bro came over, well, we chose new teams, and Steven picked me first! and Holly (12, who can drive without adult supervision) picked everyone up, leaving ,me and Steven to ourselves, he suposedly couldnt find his football, so he gave up after 2 seconds and he made up an excuse to see me, and he goes quote: "WE, will look for it tomorrow" :unquote. Get that? He said WE! I was so happy, but then I had the perfect chance to ask him out, but I got scared! He was even waiting for it! Well, he looked like he was, so I got home, took a shower, and thought to myself "You retard! That was you're chance! Oh well, WE will look for his football tomorrow! More chances!" So I'll do it on the bus in the morning probably... well, anyways going to comment (for once... talk to ya'll lata's!

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